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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thompson Lands Major Latino Endorsement

Failing so far to have an impact on the race as a minority candidate, mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson landed a major Latino endorsement  by U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano and his son, state Sen. Jose Serrano.

At a press conference Thursday, Congressman Jose E. Serrano, who was joined by his son, State Sen. Jose M. Serrano, praised Thompson as a "coalition builder" who can reach out to the Bronx's large Hispanic population.

Lhota Defends Giuliani's Comments; Lauds Bloomberg On NYPD Speech

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giuliani Would Prefer Bill Thompson as His Democratic Choice For Mayor

Amid Sluggish Poll Numbers And Weiner's Expected Entry, de Blasio Intensifies Attack On Quinn

“Bill de Blasio is getting more and more desperate," the Christine Quinn campaign has charged, as Public advocate has lately intensified his direct attacks at Ms. Quinn, more increasingly since Weiner's candidacy has been looming over the Democratic mayoral field.

"As Mr. Weiner, a scandal-tarred former United States representative from Queens, considers jumping into the race, Mr. de Blasio has gone sharply negative, as if trying to establish his position as Ms. Quinn’s chief liberal challenger before a better known, if somewhat notorious, hopeful usurps that role," writes Kate Taylor in the NY Times.  

Last week, as the first televised debate on public safety draw to conclusion, mr. de Blasio  seized the remaining 60 seconds to accuse Ms. Quinn of changing her position on policing issues, and engaging in “revisionist history” about her views.

SHOCK: Anti-Quinn Blog Compares Christine Quinn To Hitler

A relatively new anti-Gay and anti-Quinn Blog, written and managed by a Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn, has been lately targeting Hasidic/Orthodox Jews who're supporting Speaker Quinn as their choice for mayor of NYC. While they might be motivated to destroy Quinn and pitching in return,  their chosen social conservative candidate for Mayor, Rev. Erick Salgado in the Orthodox Jewish community, the blog is now suggesting that Christine Quinn is even worse than Hitler.
"Failed Messiah reports that the Satmar Rebbe, whose followers are supporting lesbian Christine Quinn, said that the Israeli government is "worse than those who murdered us".

I have news for the rebbe.  Christine Quinn will do anything she could to cause you to leave religion. 

Need I remind you that some Jewish Askonim helped elect Hitler in 1933?  And now you will allow your Chassidim to support what you call to be worse than Hitler?"
In another blog post, the blogger blasts a shop owner for not accepting the candidacy of Erick Salgado. "According to he Satmar rabbi's logic, Christine Quinn is worse than Hitler.  The racism at Bon Appetit is so great, they would rather die in the gas chamber than vote for a Mexican." 

Catsimatidis Says NYPD Should Have The Power To Investigate and Monitor Radical Islamists in NYC

On a live radio broadcast with AM970 radio hosts Curtis Sliwa and Jeffrey Lichtan, Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis seemed to suggest that the NYD should establish its own version of the CIA to monitor and investigate radical Islamist groups in New York City.

Radio host Jeffrey Lichtan, who's an criminal defense lawyer, asked Mr. Catsimatiidis, if there is anything specific he would add to what is existing right now in dealing with Radical Islam. "Would you expand the atrtempts to investigate radical Islamists at the places that they worship, at the schools they are attending right now in our great city?" Lichtan asked.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lhota and Catsimatidis Spar Over MTA Toll Hikes

Also a debate Tuesday, hosted by the Brooklyn Chambers of Commerce and centered on small-business issues, Republican mayoral rivals, Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis, sparred over Mr. Lhota's decision to raise fares and tolls as MTA chairman. 

"You should have put your foot down and said, 'No increase,'" said Mr. Catsimatidis, according to report by Chris Bragg. "That's what you call leadership."

"You can say that, but the requirement is that you have to balance the budget," replied Mr. Lhota, who was coping with cuts in government aid to his agency.

Bloomberg and Republicans Warn Against Changing NYPD Policing Policies

In a speech  at One Police Plaza,, Mayor Michael Bloomberg took aim at all the democratic candidates and public officials who have criticized the NYPD's  stop-and-frisk policy, accusing those who support legislation for an Independent Inspector General of playing politics, and pandering to votes while  turning a blind eye to violence and murders in minority communities.

"Make no mistake, this is a dangerous piece of legislation and anyone who supports it is courting disaster," Bloomberg said. "If you end street stops looking for guns, there will be more guns on the streets, and more people will be killed. It’s that simple."

Monday, April 29, 2013

In Staten Island, Giuliani Pitches Lhota As The Only Candidate Ready To Serve As Mayor of NYC

Republican mayoral hopeful couldn't of chosen a better advocate, making the case for his candidacy, than former mayor Rudy Giuliani in his home turf - Staten Island. In a 30 minute speech to supporters, who gathered at a minimum of $175 per person at the Excelsior Grand in Staten Island, Mayor Giuliani pitched the case for Joe Lhota, whom he said is the most qualified person to serve as New York City's next mayor.

"Joe understands the budget of the city in detail, from his work in my administration and from his work as a financial analyst, working on municipal finance for many years before he came to city government," said Mayor Giuliani. "Joe brings with him a great deal of knowledge of the financial market and business. That's what we need. Not these career politicians who have never really held a job. Like our president who really never held a job."

"The Democratic candidates are going to be owned by the unions," Mayor Giuliani said, as he turned to deny the Democratic candidates from obtaining the job at City Hall. "When I ran for mayor the slogan was: 'With all the crime, all the deficits and all the unemployment, vote for me, you can't do any worse.' You know something? That slogan applies today. You can't do any worse. And in fact you will do worse, a lot worse, if you don't elect Joe Lhota."

At another point of the speech, Mayor Giuliani referred to the Democratic candidates as being sold out to the unions or lack the conviction of dealing with the economic crisis. "We need an strong man with strong convictions as mayor of New York city. Not someone who's going to change his mind just because one union yells very loud. Just because his opponents are saying: 'oh, you didn't the support the bill to give people all the money they want. Now you're supporting the bill to give people all the money they want because you're running for office.' That alone should disqualify you for office," said the mayor.

Mayor Giuliani also addressed Mr. Lhota's ties to Staten Island, a stronghold for Republicans, especially in the primaries. "There are other Republican candidates. They have pluses. They have minuses. But as far of understanding Staten Island, none of them.. none of them.. comes close to Joe Lhota. He knows more about Staten Island than all of those Republicans combined X2."

"But he can't do it alone," said Mr Giuliani."Here is your job. You got to raise money for him... The rules are so difficult that we need a lot of people making small contribution in order to get the money that's necessary to make Joe a viable candidate.  Money is very very important. Because the message that I just gave to you here, is the message that people all over New York City have to hear. And if they do, he will be elected as mayor of New York City."

Mr Giuliani also addressed the Boston Terror attack, the 9/11 attacks, public safety and the war on terror as a reason to put Mr. Lhota at the helm, in order to keep New York City a safe place to live in and avoid future terror attacks. 

"New York City still is as we know, and as we have been reminded in the last couple of weeks, New York City still is the number one target of terrorism in this country," Mr Giuliani said before turning the focus at Islamic terrorism in general. "There were some people in Washington, who when we captured Bin Laden thought that the war on terror was over. They even announced it. I believe that some of these attacks that have recently taken place, have taken place because there is in Washington a process of denial. A Process of not really understanding what is against us. It is almost silly to say that there is no war on terror, because the Terrorists are at war with us."

"So we need a mayor who's going to be very strong about this. We need a mayor who is not going to be confused by so many of these liberal ideas that say: 'Oh, I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't classify this person as an Islamic extremist terrorist. Maybe it will offend somebody if we do it'. We need a mayor who understands that from having been at my side virtually every moment for 40 days, from the moment the bombs hit until the moment we left office."

 Mr. Giuliani also slammed critics who want to do away the police department’s controversial with stop-and-frisk policy, and pointed to Chicago as an example of what might happen if policing policies change.

“What we do that Chicago doesn’t do… [is] we aggressively enforce our laws to take guns out of the hands of criminals,” he said. “They, instead, are very, very careful. They’re very frightened. They’re very worried, very worried about rights: this right, that right, some other right. The only right they’re not thinking about is the right to be safe in your city,” he said,

In conclusion, Mayor Giuliani wrapped up his speech in summary. "He [Lhota] is the only one who has the background, the experience, the wisdom, the common sense, and most importantly the courage to make the tough decisions this city is going to need, if its going to continue the direction it has been going over the last 20 years."

"We cannot give this city back to a bunch of Democratic machine politicians, who will not run it for the benefit of the Democrats. They will run it for the benefit of the few Democrats  who happen to be part of the special interests," he added.

Joe Lhota Wins 'NY Meeting' GOP Mayoral Straw Poll with 56%