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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flatbush Jewish Community Forms New Civic Advocacy and Political Coalition

Just weeks after a few Orthodox Jewish activist came out with plea of creating a coalition of various community activists that would solidify the Jewish community's voter base, a newly formed Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition of leading Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbanim, and community activists, was  announced Thursday morning. The coalition, as noted in the press release, was formed to coordinate efforts by disparate segments of the Jewish community in Flatbush to foster the growth and development of one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in the country.

The FJCC plans to address many of the civic and communal challenges that face the Jewish residents of Flatbush, including safety, zoning, quality of life concerns and emerging political issues.According to the organizers, the FJCC will also pursue the important goal of registering new voters, and encourage all to vote in both the Primary and general elections.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Three Dems and One Republican Visibly Courting The Jewish Vote

An Interesting Phenomenon taking place among Orthodox Jewish voters, or rather the rank and file of the community who speak for themselves and their political circle, whom to support for mayor in the upcoming mayoral elections, writes Adam Dickter in The Jewish Week.

Based on his selected conversations, Dicker assesses that while Quinn, Salgado and Catsimatidis are all vying for the Orthodox Jewish vote, Thompson and de Blasio seem to be in the best position for winning a bulk of Jewish votes.

Bob Turner: GOP Insiders Planning To Field New Mayoral Candidate

It ain't over until it's over. The ray Kelly cloud is floating again over the Republican primary, according to former Congressman Bob Turner. If the present Republican candidates do not gain traction in the New York City mayoral race, party insiders are planning to field a new candidate, Mr. Turner told Hamodia. 

“ We'll see, I just don’t know yet,” Turner said. “It won't be me, I’ll tell you that. Trust me.” Turner said that details are too premature but could “possibly” happen. “I can't be sure what may happen,” he said. “The situation is still fluid. The primary isn't until September, which is in a really long time.”

Turner, whose Breezy Point home got burnt down during Hurricane Sandy, has  just submitted his rebuilding plans for approval last week, and hopes to move in by fall. In the meantime, Mr. Turner is living in Kew Gardens and helping the Republican party weather the storm of the latest arrests and the turmoil within the county committee. “I’m still involved a little in politics,” Mr. Turner told Yochonon Donn.“I’m trying to straighten out this Queens mess. And if I could be helpful in the mayoral race to support whoever our candidate is, I’d like to be helpful in that.”

In a brief conversation with NYC Elects, Mr. Turner confirmed that Ray Kelly is the name floating around, but said it did not come up from his behalf. "I'm friends with Both John Catsimatidis and Joe Lhota, and I will do anything to help a Republican get elected as Mayor," said Mr. Turner. 

Mr. Turner hinted who his preferred candidate might be, but said he's not inclined to endorse any candidate before the primary, unless he's asked to do so. 

When asked about Anthony Weiner's run, Mr. Turner assessed that Mr. Weiner would face an uphill battle if he indeed decided to jump in. 

In Meeting With The Jewish Press, Bill de Blasio Promises To Restore Childcare Vouchers

If elected mayor, one of the tasks for Bill de Blasio would be balancing the funding of necessary programs for individuals and communities with the financial difficulty the city faces. “I have worked with some of the most disciplined folks in public life, people like Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo,” Mr. de Blasio told The Jewish Press editorial board.

“I predict the first few years of the next mayor will be very tight budget years – which will be made worse by the open labor contracts the mayor is leaving, something that will tarnish Bloomberg’s record. The people of New York understand the choices are not easy. People have been sobered by the economy, and they want to see fairness," he said. 

Mayoral Candidates Spar Over Freedom Of Speech and Brooklyn College's Sponsoring BDS Forum

In a primary that every vote counts, The Democratic hopefuls and Adolfo Carrion, the Independence candidate debated, for the first time, local issues that matter to the Arab American Community. The  candidate forum, was organized by the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY)and the Islamic Center at NYU, who claim to represent a million Muslim Americans in New York City,105,000 of them are registered voters, according to the executive director of the AAANY, Linda Sarsour.

Most of the issues discussed, moderated by Errol Louis, the host of NY1’s "Inside City Hall" show, were about education, public safety, NYPD surveillance and religious freedom. The only issue that drew strike differences, in response to an audience question, and had to do with Israel and the Jewish community, was the Brooklyn College panel on the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement back in February, which was condemned by local elected officials. Many pro-Israel Brooklyn College students, as well as members of the wider community, opposed the event or at least opposed the sponsorship by the BC academic department.

Councilman Greenfield: "Don't Vote In November. Your Vote Doesn't Count."

At a large gathering in Borough park, Tuesday evening, Councilman David Greenfield issued an unusual plea to the attendees ahead of a critical citywide election season. "I would like to ask everybody in this room not to vote in the upcoming November elections," Mr. Greenfield opened his remarks at the Bais Ya'akov annual dinner, according to excerpts provided to NYC Elects By Photo Journalist Shimon Gifter. 

Counting the challenges the Orthodox Jewish community faces, from tax hikes, high tuition costs, special ed funding cuts, public safety and the attack on religious freedom, Mr. Greenfield sought to rally the crowd to take notice of what's at stake in the upcoming elections, and the power of the Jewish vote in  the upcoming Democratic primaries, which, in his view, will determine who'll eventually become the next mayor of New York City.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Catismatidis Emails GOP Supporters: "Liberal Line Will Give Us Victory In November."

Following the endorsement of the Liberal Party this morning, John Catsimatidis sent a email to his supporters, calling it a "game changer." 

This is a GAME CHANGER in the 2013 Mayors Race.. I Received The Liberal Party Endorsement. Just as Rudy Giuliani received the endorsement in his two successful campaigns for Mayor," wrote Mr. Catsimatidis. "The last two election results state it clearly --  Romney Lost New York City 81% - 19 % Paladino Lost New York City 83% - 17% Wendy Long Lost New York City 86% -14% -- We Need Democrats...We Need Independents ...We need all New Yorkers."

Brooklyn Young Republican Club Charge Media For Misreporting The Catsimatidis Event

As reported by Colin Campbell and I,  Republican mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis went ballistic at 3 republican voters at a forum sponsored by the Brooklyn Young Republican Club. Politicker reported that Catsimatidis had sharp words with “multiple audience members” during the meet-and -greet event held at a Cobble Hill pub.

Here is an audio of the blowup as discussed on the John and Ken show on WOR:

Now, leaders of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club charge that much of the reporting has been overblown. In a statement issued April 30 by the leaders, club members insisted that the meeting at Ceol, a pub on Smith Street, featured more than a verbal dustup.

'Endorsement Day' For Thompson, Lhota And Catsimatidis

The third day of Creation [Bereshis 1:9-13] is the only day in which the expression "G-d saw that it was good" is mentioned twice. As a result of the fact that Tuesday had a double portion of "Ki Tov" [that it was good], Tuesday is considered a particularly fortuitous day of the week.

This week Tuesday, Mayoral hopefuls Bill Thompson, John Catsimatidis and Joe Lhota rolled out key endorsements in hope of getting there to November and beyond.