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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lhota and Catsimatidis Spar Over MTA Toll Hikes

Also a debate Tuesday, hosted by the Brooklyn Chambers of Commerce and centered on small-business issues, Republican mayoral rivals, Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis, sparred over Mr. Lhota's decision to raise fares and tolls as MTA chairman. 

"You should have put your foot down and said, 'No increase,'" said Mr. Catsimatidis, according to report by Chris Bragg. "That's what you call leadership."

"You can say that, but the requirement is that you have to balance the budget," replied Mr. Lhota, who was coping with cuts in government aid to his agency.

Bloomberg and Republicans Warn Against Changing NYPD Policing Policies

In a speech  at One Police Plaza,, Mayor Michael Bloomberg took aim at all the democratic candidates and public officials who have criticized the NYPD's  stop-and-frisk policy, accusing those who support legislation for an Independent Inspector General of playing politics, and pandering to votes while  turning a blind eye to violence and murders in minority communities.

"Make no mistake, this is a dangerous piece of legislation and anyone who supports it is courting disaster," Bloomberg said. "If you end street stops looking for guns, there will be more guns on the streets, and more people will be killed. It’s that simple."

Monday, April 29, 2013

In Staten Island, Giuliani Pitches Lhota As The Only Candidate Ready To Serve As Mayor of NYC

Republican mayoral hopeful couldn't of chosen a better advocate, making the case for his candidacy, than former mayor Rudy Giuliani in his home turf - Staten Island. In a 30 minute speech to supporters, who gathered at a minimum of $175 per person at the Excelsior Grand in Staten Island, Mayor Giuliani pitched the case for Joe Lhota, whom he said is the most qualified person to serve as New York City's next mayor.

"Joe understands the budget of the city in detail, from his work in my administration and from his work as a financial analyst, working on municipal finance for many years before he came to city government," said Mayor Giuliani. "Joe brings with him a great deal of knowledge of the financial market and business. That's what we need. Not these career politicians who have never really held a job. Like our president who really never held a job."

"The Democratic candidates are going to be owned by the unions," Mayor Giuliani said, as he turned to deny the Democratic candidates from obtaining the job at City Hall. "When I ran for mayor the slogan was: 'With all the crime, all the deficits and all the unemployment, vote for me, you can't do any worse.' You know something? That slogan applies today. You can't do any worse. And in fact you will do worse, a lot worse, if you don't elect Joe Lhota."

At another point of the speech, Mayor Giuliani referred to the Democratic candidates as being sold out to the unions or lack the conviction of dealing with the economic crisis. "We need an strong man with strong convictions as mayor of New York city. Not someone who's going to change his mind just because one union yells very loud. Just because his opponents are saying: 'oh, you didn't the support the bill to give people all the money they want. Now you're supporting the bill to give people all the money they want because you're running for office.' That alone should disqualify you for office," said the mayor.

Mayor Giuliani also addressed Mr. Lhota's ties to Staten Island, a stronghold for Republicans, especially in the primaries. "There are other Republican candidates. They have pluses. They have minuses. But as far of understanding Staten Island, none of them.. none of them.. comes close to Joe Lhota. He knows more about Staten Island than all of those Republicans combined X2."

"But he can't do it alone," said Mr Giuliani."Here is your job. You got to raise money for him... The rules are so difficult that we need a lot of people making small contribution in order to get the money that's necessary to make Joe a viable candidate.  Money is very very important. Because the message that I just gave to you here, is the message that people all over New York City have to hear. And if they do, he will be elected as mayor of New York City."

Mr Giuliani also addressed the Boston Terror attack, the 9/11 attacks, public safety and the war on terror as a reason to put Mr. Lhota at the helm, in order to keep New York City a safe place to live in and avoid future terror attacks. 

"New York City still is as we know, and as we have been reminded in the last couple of weeks, New York City still is the number one target of terrorism in this country," Mr Giuliani said before turning the focus at Islamic terrorism in general. "There were some people in Washington, who when we captured Bin Laden thought that the war on terror was over. They even announced it. I believe that some of these attacks that have recently taken place, have taken place because there is in Washington a process of denial. A Process of not really understanding what is against us. It is almost silly to say that there is no war on terror, because the Terrorists are at war with us."

"So we need a mayor who's going to be very strong about this. We need a mayor who is not going to be confused by so many of these liberal ideas that say: 'Oh, I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't classify this person as an Islamic extremist terrorist. Maybe it will offend somebody if we do it'. We need a mayor who understands that from having been at my side virtually every moment for 40 days, from the moment the bombs hit until the moment we left office."

 Mr. Giuliani also slammed critics who want to do away the police department’s controversial with stop-and-frisk policy, and pointed to Chicago as an example of what might happen if policing policies change.

“What we do that Chicago doesn’t do… [is] we aggressively enforce our laws to take guns out of the hands of criminals,” he said. “They, instead, are very, very careful. They’re very frightened. They’re very worried, very worried about rights: this right, that right, some other right. The only right they’re not thinking about is the right to be safe in your city,” he said,

In conclusion, Mayor Giuliani wrapped up his speech in summary. "He [Lhota] is the only one who has the background, the experience, the wisdom, the common sense, and most importantly the courage to make the tough decisions this city is going to need, if its going to continue the direction it has been going over the last 20 years."

"We cannot give this city back to a bunch of Democratic machine politicians, who will not run it for the benefit of the Democrats. They will run it for the benefit of the few Democrats  who happen to be part of the special interests," he added.

Joe Lhota Wins 'NY Meeting' GOP Mayoral Straw Poll with 56%

Missing From Joe Lhota's Strategy Memo: The 1989 Dinkins/Giuliani Race

Much has been written today about the Joe Lhota campaign's strategic memo that sought to pave his path to victory. 

"The Lhota analysis ignores the run-off.. If she wins run-off she will by definition of gotten the support, ultimately, of more than half the Democrats voting in it. The analysis also doesn't account for the possibility of Quinn not winning the nomination. de Blasio has said he will support the Democratic nominee, if it's not him. And it's not clear how much of an impact Carrion will have on the Independence Party line in November. The Lhota analysis also compares him to Bloomberg without mentioning Bloomberg's wealth," writes Azi Paybarah.

Ross Barkan also weighed in with his thoughts in questioning the merits of the memo.

But here is what the Lhota Campaign forgot to mention or compare with, and it may be a little too complex, but notable.

First Web Ad By Adolfo Carrion: "Waking the Sleeping Giant"

Lhota Campaign Draws Blueprint That Sets The Path For Victory In November

Republican hopeful Joe Lhota, sent out a strategic memo alongside a fundraising plea, in order to defy the skeptics of many who Like Mr. Lhota, but refuse to believe he could raise the money needed to be competitive and win an election in New York City. The memo was obtained by NYC Elects, as by Celeste Katz of the Daily Politics blog.

In the memo written by Jake Menges, a senior adviser to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and a partner in a GOP consulting corp, the Lhota campaign seems to suggest that the decline of Christine Quinn  in the latest polls, and the possibility of candidates running on various party lines, clears the path for Joe Lhota, if elected as the Republican nominee, to win the mayoral race. 

Lhota Hits Catsimatidis's Irrational Exchange; Catsimatidis Campaign: Rude Crowd

Catsimatidis's ballistic exchange Sunday with a few Brooklyn Republican voters, didn't seem to bother the Republican Mayoral Hopeful. “These people are used to dealing with people who don’t have courage. I am used to confrontation. I don’t blink," he told Celeste Katz of The Daily News.

In Harlem where he grew up, he argued, buls***t is considered “a very mild-mannered expression.”

"It was not meant as a curse word. It was meant as ‘a lot of manure,’” he said.

Shelly Silver Set To Endorse Bill Thompson For Mayor

"While Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has yet to endorse a candidate for mayor, insiders predict he will follow Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and back former city Comptroller Bill Thompson, who lost narrowly to Mayor Bloomberg four years ago.

"Silver and Tisch are longtime friends and political allies and many on the inside say Tisch wouldn’t have endorsed Thompson last week without Silver’s approval.

“Shelly backing Billy, the only black in the race, would win him a lot of points with the African-Americans in the Assembly, who help keep him as speaker,’’ said a longtime Thompson backer.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Korean Architect Joins Ever Growing Mayoral Field Flanked by supporters, friends and a couple of Hasidim at the steps of City Hall, South Korean architect He Gin Lee joined the ever growing mayoral field last Friday. Followed by Ceceilia's odd campaign kick off, Mr. Lee also read his remarks from a paper in a heavy Korean  accent.

The South Korean native from Flushing is the owner of He Gin Lee Architects, a firm that has built hundreds of buildings across the five boroughs.
In 2009, Lee ran for mayor but didn't make it onto the ballot, writes The Village Voice.  Mr. Lee's bio and issues are lined up at his campaign website.

OK, whateva..

John Catismatidis Sells 'Catman' Package At Brooklyn Republican Town Hall Meeting

At a well attended event in Brooklyn Sunday afternoon, Republican mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis sought to sell himself to Republican primary voters as a life long story, able to get the city rollin'. In a lengthy and direct introduction to the Brooklyn Young Republican club, Mr. Catsimatidis rolled out ideas how to close the deficit, how to reduce the cost of gas and oil, how to fix the education system, bring jobs back to New York City and keep the city safe.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Brooklyn GOP To Honor John Catsimatidis As "Man of the Year"

The Brooklyn GOP county committee, heads by chairman Craig Eaton, just sent out this invitation to the annual Lincoln dinner to be held on May 9. 

Michael Reagan, the son of President Reagan, (who urged party leaders to grant access for Adolfo Carrion to run in the Republican mayoral primary) is the Guest Speaker. Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis, who was recently endorsed by the county committee, will be honored as Brooklyn GOP's "Man of the Year."

AUDIO: Jacob Kornbluh Discusses Mayoral Race and Jewish Vote On The Spin Class

Bill de Blasio Unveils Grandiose Affordable Housing Plan

Shifting gears from attacks on Quinn to policy, Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio rolled out his housing plan Thursday, claiming he could create 100,000 new affordable units, plus preservation for “nearly 90,000″ others.

Week 1: Weiner's Fumble Return From Exile

Anthony Weiner's apologetic comeback tour, starting with a bunch of hand picked one-on-one TV interview, isn't going too well, crisis management experts tell NY Daily News.
 "They faulted Weiner’s performance in a whirlwind of TV interviews Wednesday when the former congressman could not say how many women received raunchy texts and photos from him or rule out the possibility that more photos could emerge.

Erick Salgado Vows Resilience With Hispanic, Russian and Jewish Coalition

It looked like a room full of oppressed citizens seeking resilience. While the issue of gay marriage is a non-issue in this mayoral campaign, a group of rabbis, Orthodox community activists and young students, assembled together at the 'Ahi Ezer' hall in Gravesend, Brooklyn for an event in support of Conservative Democratic mayoral candidate, Rev. Erick Salgado.

The event was hosted by community activist Joseph Hayon, and attended by mayoral hopeful Erick Salgado, Rabbi Nekelbaum, Rabbi Auziel Admony, Rabbi Beni Rachmanov, and Gregory Davidszon, all who addressed the crowd during the evening.

The theme shared by the couple of speeches given by various rabbis were all shared by common defiance against the government's hostility towards freedom of religion.


While addressing the issue of gay marriage as an issue of transgression that shouldn't be overlooked or given up the right to protest and be stopped,  Rabbi Nekelbaum spoke about the trend. The idea of  gay marriage, he said, has started to circulate in a way that may ultimately lead in the future to Orthodox Jews trying it out and  indulge in that behavior.

"Therefore we are here to support Mr. Erick Salgado because he's strongly committed to stopping these perversions, the corruption of the minds and these actions," the Rabbi concluded. "For the Almighty there are no long shots or short shots."

"This is not considered a political event. It's a religion issue. It's a religious obligation to be here tonight and support the campaign of Mr. Salgado," said Rabbi Auziel Admony.

Senator Ruben Diaz, who was introduced as the only Democratic Senator that voted against the Same Gender Marriage bill, assailed against the Democratic party, only to request the Jewish community to join him and the Latino community in creating a coalition of left behind's. "We have a unique opportunity to send a message: 'We are tired. We are fed up, and we will take it no more'," Rev. Diaz said.

"If we can get  from the Jewish community 10,000 votes, we, the Hispanic community, will produce the rest. Let's do it, we can do it," he said. Adding to loud applause, "I wasn't born a Jew but I am a Jew."

Pumped up by Senator Diaz's introduction, feeling at home in a friendly crowd, Rev. Erick Salgado flourished in a unusual manner of enthusiasm and delivered a rather revolutionary speech filled with zingers and plausible lines, and less policy oriented.

"I am not afraid of being pushed. I have been pushed all my life, by the way, and I pushed back," said Mr. Salgado. "I was born in the Bronx. When I was 2 years old I was struggling with asthma, and they pushed my to Puerto Rico. But when I graduated from high school I came back because I knew it was meant for me to be in the city for a purpose, and tonight we are closer than ever in achieving that purpose."

"The career politicians" he said referring to his rivals in the Democratic primary, "they say that I have no chance. They look at me, and they laugh. But I am used to it. They push me. They twist my words. They don't like my accent. But my friends, when I finish up fixing the City of New York they are going to love my accent. They are going to try to talk the way I talk."

Not addressing them by the name, Mr. Salgado charged that his opponents, although they are attacking Mayor Bloomberg,  are part of the current system. "They are also elected. They have done nothing for this city. The city does not feel proud of them. That's why the city is not going to choose them and elevate them to a higher level. They are going to choose somebody that has been working for 24 years. Somebody that has  helped other people. They are going to choose somebody from main street and make him mayor," he said

Coming back to seek sympathy, Mr. Salgado didn't shy away from addressing his vulnerabilities. "They can push me. They can say you have no chance. You have no money. You have no name recognition. You can it to the list. But still, If I have the children of God with me I am going to achieve victory," he defiantly argued.

"This is doable. We can do this. If we can get the Latino community to believe I am going to be the next mayor, if we can persuade every single person in the Jewish community to vote for Erick Salgado, in the Russian communities and in the many communities supporting us, we are going to have a mayor that is going to be working for all New Yorkers," he continued.

"Many people are saying they have the Jewish community, And I know, I could feel it through the passion in this room, that after tonight everyone in the Jewish community is going to pay attention to  who his 'Mr. Erick Salgado," he concluded to loud cheers.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

VIDEO: Underestimated, John Catismatidis Confident In Primary Win

Mayoral hopeful and Republican underdog, John Catsimatidis told NY1's Errol Louis on "The road To City Hall" that he's working very hard 7 days a week until 11PM, hitting every borough and neighborhood in NYC, in his run for mayor. "Because I am not only running in the [GOP] September primary, but also in the November election," he said.

Catsimatidis Dropping Two Mailers To GOP Primary Voters

GOP hopeful John Catsimatidis is dropping two mailers, at the cost of $100,000, to Republican voters this week, Celeste Katz reports.   

The first mailer, which features an image of the billionaire at his City Hall steps kickoff, cost about $50,000, Katz notes.

Boom Boom! Bill de Blasio and Christine Quinn Spar For A Brief Moment

In a 60 minutes debate, shared with 6 candidates on stage, there weren't many moments of zinger dropping, jabs or direct confrontations between the leading mayoral candidates. The only direct back and forth square off was at minute 0:56:00, when Bill de Blasio, who totally ignored the remaining candidates, took out the gun and began shooting at Christine Quinn over Stop and Frisk.


"Speaker Quinn, the fact is, you only moved on stop-and-frisk because there was tremendous public pressure," said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. "You weren't willing to challenge Ray Kelly previously, and you only moved on Civilian Complaint Review Board because, again, other people were moving on the issue."

"Bill, you are engaged in revisionist history," Quinn responded. "What I said to you and Councilmember Garodnick is that the legislation you had to give the CCRB prosecutorial authority was not legally doable."

“You’re simply making that up,” she shot back.

Red Smoked Filled Room At Lhota Fundraiser

NYT's Michael Grynbuam got to smoke cigars with Republican mayoral hopeful in an extraordinary fundraiser in Queens Monday night and reports. “I haven’t smoked a cigar in I can’t tell you how long,” Mr. Lhota said before admitting his last celebratory smoke was on New Year’s Eve. 

Elio Forcina, a lawyer who organized the event, introduced Mr. Lhota to an owner of the Habana Hut, adding that the proprietor, as a high school student, had once stuffed Andrew M. Cuomo, a classmate and the future governor, into a hallway locker. The owner vigorously shook his head. “It was my brother! Not me!”

“Your brother put Andrew Cuomo in a locker? Wow, wow. That’s great,” Mr. Lhota said, reaching for a cigar cutter.

Many of the attendees — almost all male — knew Mr. Lhota from his days as a deputy mayor in the Giuliani administration, where he was known to indulge in cigars and Scotch. It was a habit he picked up in college, at Georgetown, where his roommates preferred the Caribbean blend of Macanudo Hampton Courts

George Frangoulis, who served with Mr. Lhota at City Hall in the 1990s, recalled many smoky Christmas dinners with Chianti, cigars and a seafood feast, with Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and Mr. Lhota holding court. (Mr. Giuliani, he said, kept his cigars in a Tupperware container.) 

Mr. Frangoulis said that Mr. Lhota often used cigars to put subordinates at ease, right before grilling them on a recent foul-up. “It was a communications device; he’d get everything out of you.”
Like Mr. Lhota, Mr. Frangoulis said he has had to cut back. “I’m 52,” he explained. “I love my teeth.”
Councilman Eric Ulrich, who's a staunch supporter of Mr. Lhota, despite of the Queens county's backing of John Catsimatidis. “We’re behind Joe 1,000 percent,” Mr. Ulrich told the crowd. He then predicted that Mr. Lhota would easily best a rival, John A. Catsimatidis, in the primary. “These are very hard-working, middle-class people,” he said. “These are the voters who will put Joe over the top.”

“If you’re together with a bunch of friends and you’re smoking cigars and you’re having a drink, the most important component is the discussion and the talk and the revelry,” Mr. Lhota told Mr. Grynbaum as the evening drew to a close.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bill de Blasio Building His Jewish Base At Bonei Olam Dinner

We got word that Public Advocate and mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio attended last night the largest annual gathering in the Borough Park community, and briefly addressed the 5000+ crowd in attendance. Mr. de Blasio was the only mayoral candidate to attend the dinner, getting a unique chance to introduce himself to a bulk of Jewish voters. 

Here is the report of the massive crowd in todays Hamodia:

Erick Salgado Steals The Show At First Televised Mayoral Debate

This was the first televised debate and the first time Hispanic pastor, Erick Salgado got to square off with all of the Democratic candidates. And boy, did he enjoy every minute of that. From suggesting Rudy Giuliani as police commissioner, interrupting Mr. Thompson over time limits, to story telling his stop and frisk incident, Mr. Salgado definitely stole the show. 

VIDEO: GOP Mayoral Hopefuls Support The Use Of Surveillance Drones Over NYC

As the use of drones in the united States was brought up weeks ago by Republican Senator Rand Paul, and in wake of the Boston bombing and the day long search for the 2nd suspect, the use of drones came up again as a public safety matter. Rand Paul surprised many of his supporters Monday, as he came out in favor of using drones if there was “an imminent threat.”

“I never argued against any technology being used when you have an imminent threat, an active crime going on. If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash, I don’t care if a drone kills him or policeman kills him,” Paul said on Fox Business Network, in reference to the Boston Marathon bombings. “But it is different if they want to come fly over your hot tub or your yard just because they want to do surveillance on everyone, and they want to watch your activity.”

Anthony Weiner To Decide Mayoral Run "Within Days or Weeks."

GOP Mayoral Candidates Agree On Policy, Differ On Winning Formula

Speaking before a packed room of Young Republicans and Republican voters, the three GOP mayoral candidates seemed to agree  a lot with each other, especially on education, job creation and public safety while differing on the winning formula in November. "We all agree that a Republican needs to get elected as mayor this November. It's critical," said Joe Lhota in his opening statement.

Adolfo Carrion, who still has some hopes of receiving a Wilson Pakula to enter the Republican primary, also addressed the crowd, before leaving to another scheduled event.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rivals Pile On Quinn Over Excessive Business Fines, Due To Term Limit Extension

The vulnerability of being in public office while running for another post. Struggling to gain traction, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s mayoral rivals are now blaming her for Mayor Bloomberg’s third term because she let it happen, it happened on her watch. 

“You broke it, you own it,” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio blamed Ms. Quinn, this morning, for the increase in small business fines by justifying the extension of term limits.

Ruben Diaz Hopes Sepulveda's Endorsement of de Blasio Backfires In Hispanic Community

As we reported Sunday, Bronx Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda's endorsement of Bill de Blasio for mayor served not only as a slap in the face for Bill Thompson, but rather a blow for Rev. Erick Salgado, who has the backing of Senator Ruben Diaz. Mr. Sepulveda served as Rev. Diaz's chief of staff prior to his elections. In response, Senator Diaz pinned this letter of clarification and defense of Mr. Salgado's candidacy. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Republican Mayoral Candidates Secede From The National Republican Party

Two of the leading Republican mayoral candidates seceded tonight from the National Republican Party, a sign of how bad the Republican brand, in its current form, is among Independents and minority groups.

At a  Mayoral Forum on Sustainability -- hosted by NYLCVEF and the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design -- and moderated by Brian Lehrer, Joe Lhota, who joined for the first time all the Democratic candidates on stage, sought to separate himself from the National Republican party, especially on environmental issues. "I disagree with the Republican party not only on social issues but also on environmental issues," he said. "I think the party itself has lost its way tremendously  It was President teddy Roosevelt who created the national park lands. It was, believe it or not, Richard Nixon who created EPA. The fact of the matter is, done properly, environmental issue and sustainability can also be about new jobs, new technologies and expanding the economy."

Anthony Weiner Pushes Out Mayoral Candidates From Twitter Driver's Seat

Weiner Is Back In The Driver Seat On Twitter

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was forced to resign for using social media in an inappropriate way, has managed to overcome the shame and jump back into the cold water, with a new verified Twitter handle: @AnthonyWeiner.

"It seemed like a fresh start was in order especially in light of all the new ideas around which I am hoping to drive conversation and debate,” Mr. Weiner wrote in an email to NYC Elects, when asked whether the new twitter account is a step forward that will ultimately serve as a tool to interact with NYC voters. 

CD33 - Stephen Pierson Announces Brooklyn Council Run Against Steve Levin

Surrounded by some 50 friends, family, community supporters and a pair of supporters from the Satmar community at the steps of Borough Hall, Stephen Pierson officially launched his campaign for a seat in the New York City Council to replace incumbent Steve Levin, who was elected in 2009.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weiner's Successor, Bob Turner Says Weiner As An Opponent is Tough But Not Principled

“He’s smart, he’s feisty, he’s tough, (but) he’s not terribly constrained with principle,”  former Rep. Bob Turner (R-Queens), who ran against Weiner in a 2010 congressional race, told Celeste Katz for The Daily News

During debates, Weiner would play fast and loose with the truth, Turner said. “He often would make up a fact, or state something as fact,” Turner said. “By the time we got through checking it on the Internet and find out it’s bogus ... he’s gone.”

Meet The 'No-Christine' Kelman Sisters Who Are Determined To Stop Quinn

Meet the "No-Christine-Quinn" sisters. Wendy Kelman Neu and Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee, both businesses owners who vow to do whatever it takes to stop Council Speaker Christine Quinn's candidacy for mayor achieve its goal. 

Wendy Kelman Neu and Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee
According to Andrew Hawkins in The Insider, the Kelman sisters have so far poured $200,000 into the $1 million "NYC Not 4 Sale" campaign, which had gotten the necessary traction needed to hold on, by airing a television commercials that created some uproar. Ms. Quinn reacted to the first ad, n a fundraising blast to her supporters, where she called it "a disgrace" and blamed "special interests...closely aligned with my opponents." 

Bill de Blasio Gets Boost By Latino/Bronx Endorsement

In what can be seen as a blow to Hispanic pastor and Conservative mayoral candidate, Erick Salgado, Bronx Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda (D-87) today endorsed New York City Public Advocate and Democrat Bill de Blasio for Mayor. Mr. Sepulveda served until recently as chief of staff to Senator Reuben Diaz, who is backing Rev. Erick Salgado for mayor. 

AUDIO: Bill de Blasio: My Philosophy of Government is Based on "Tachlis"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Carrion Lays His Hope Of Entering Local GOP Primary On Foreign Republicans

Adolfo Carrion seems to have a spark of that hope left from working with President Obama, as he lays his hope of getting an entry to contend in the Republican mayoral primary on the RNC, who are hardly to be seen active in NYC politics. 

In a Crain's editorial board meeting Wednesday, former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión said that his efforts to land a spot in the Republican mayoral primary has shifted to the top, reaching out to national Republican officials who could help him land the support of at least three city Republican county chairmen, which he needs to run in the GOP primary, Chris Bragg reports. 

Quinnipiac Poll Has Wiener At Runoff Shot; Lhota Fairs Best Against Weiner

Anthony Weiner seemed to have a bumpy entry to the mayoral race, although things can change throughout the season. According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Friday morning, Christine Quinn is still the favorite mayoral candidate among registered democratic primary voters with 28%, yet well short of the 40% threshold to avoid a runoff. Anthony Weiner is in second place with 15%, Bill de Blasio with a mere 11%, Bill thompson with 10% and John Liu with 9%. 

Again, Sal Albanese and Erick Salgado were not included in this poll.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Greenfield Lashes Out at Weiner , Lhota and de Blasio; Lhota Responds

Councilman David Greenfield piled on Anthony Weiner tonight, on his weekly Thursday night radio show, suggesting he's only doing the Republicans a favor by joining the Democratic primary and splitting the vote. Public advocate Bill de Blasio also got his share of the blame for not firing his staffer who tweeted racial and anti-semitic comments, letting him to resign out of his own will.

AUDIO; Pete King Is Backing Joe lhota for Mayor; Thinks It's Too Early For Weiner To Run

Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island), who was a guest on the David Greenfield show speaking about the Boston bombing, said he's expected to endorse former MTA chairman Joe Lhota as his Republican choice for mayor. "Joe get's it, he has the experience. He's been there," Mr. King told councilman Greenfield. 

Marty Enthusiastically Endorsed 'First Female With Brooklyn Attitude'' For Mayor

With his unique touch and charm, Brooklyn's popular Borough President, Marty Markowitz enthusiastically endorsed at the steps of Borough Hall Christine Quinn for Mayor. "When you want a job done right give it to  a woman to get it done," the 68 year old BP said. "Frankly, It's about time New York City had its first female mayor." 

Explaining his cross-over-the-river endorsement, Mr. Markowitz took it to her personality. "You may have been born in Staten Island and you sleep in Manhattan, but it's clear that you have got plenty of that Brooklyn attitude... You're passionate, determined and never afraid to speak your mind, or in certain cases sing it, as you did  last Thursday at my state of the borough. [here comes her famous laugh.. (at min. 05:38)].


Pollster Memo Suggests Corruption and Boston Terror Boosts Catsimatidis"s Candidacy

Pollster John McLaughlin, who is a hired consultant for John Catsimatidis's campaign, writes in an internal campaign memo, obtained by the Daily Politics blog, that both the "seismic earthquake" of recent federal corruption probes and the horrific Boston Marathon bombings give Catsimatidis a chance to sell the message that he'd run a politically aboveboard and physically secure NYC.

Did Quinn Describe Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein "A Republican Leader"?

Mayor Bloomberg's friend, Goldman Sachs Group CEO Lloyd Blankfein hasn't endorse a candidate for mayor yet, but he expressed warm feelings about Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Democratic front-runner. “I think she’d be a good mayor,” Mr. Blankfein said in an interview at a Human Rights Campaign event on Wednesday night, where he and Ms. Quinn both spoke, according to the WSJ. “I always liked her. I think if she were mayor, it wouldn’t be bad. I’d be happy.”

With Millions In Non-For-Profit Pocket, Brooklyn BP Crosses River To Endorse Quinn for Mayor

It only took a river to cross for marty Markowitz, outgoing brooklyn Borough President, to turn his back on Brooklynites Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson  in favor of Manhattan resident Christine Quinn, the Daily News Jonathan Lemire first learned this morning. 

“I think the goal is to elect to most qualified person to be mayor, regardless of where they live,” said Markowitz. “And I think it is time for a woman to be mayor of New York City."

John Liu The Frontrunner in ONE Straw Poll

While Comptroller John Liu is currently polling in the single digits among Democratic primary voters, he managed to be the frontrunner for a day, at least at his home base.  In an informal straw poll, conducted at a recent forum sponsored by the Asian American Federation on April 9 event, Mr. Liu came out at the top of the pack of Democrats, garnering 54 percent, Andrew Hawkins reports. . Public Advocate Bill de Blasio came in second, with 29%. Sal Albanese nabbed 15% of the vote, Speaker Christine Quinn and former Comptroller Bill Thompson were both tied at 2%. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Numbers and The Crunching: Weiner For Mayor - Scrambled Eggs Or Long Shot

Errol Louis, political anchor at NY1 News and host of Road to City Hall, claims a Weiner entry changes all the odds in the race for mayor. "Don’t let them fool you. Weiner would make the road to victory tougher for every other candidate, Democrat or Republican," writes Louis in the NY Daily News. 

He would hurt Ms. Quinn and Mr. de Blasio among moderate-to-conservative outer-borough Democrats — the same voters who made up Weiner’s base as a councilman and congressman. As a darling of the left, Mr. Weiner would surely attract some of the liberals de Blasio and Liu have been courting. 

Catsimatidis Says It's Catch-Up Time In Getting Name Recognition

View more videos at:

Ceceilia Berkowitz Announces Big Apple Run

Anthony Weiner Shakes Up Democratic Primary; Jewish Voters Remain His Largest Base

If Speaker Quinn had any hopes of cruising towards victory in the first round, leaving her rival fight for the second dignified place, Anthony Weiner has put that to rest. According to the latest Marist/NBC poll, Anthony Weiner kicks off his mayoral run with a decent 2nd place showing, a base of 15 percent.

Monday, April 15, 2013

VIDEO: Anthony Weiner Opens Up and "Talks Dugri" on NY1

Anthony Weiner is running for mayor. The "I am thinking about it" as an answer to Errol Louis in an exclusive interview on Inside City Hall, was definite and straightforward. Asked why he should be trusted after lying about his actions, Weiner acknowledged it's a fair game, but stressed:

NYC 2013 Mayoral Candidates #PrayforBoston

Public Safety Will Take An Even More Central Role in Mayor’s Race

Ross Barkan writes: "It is not yet known who orchestrated the bombings. But New York City is in a “heightened state of alert” and the various mayoral candidates have blasted out statements expressing condolences for the victims’ families and reaffirmed their commitments, vaguely, to strong anti-terrorist policies. While terrorism as an issue is always on the minds of voters and the campaigns, it has, 12 years later, taken a backseat in the mayoral race thus far, gaining less attention than paid sick leave or stop-and-frisk, for example.

Lhota ''Looking Forward" To Weiner Joining Mayoral Race

While the Democratic candidates are shivering in their pants (or not) about a possible weiner candidacy for mayor  Republican hopeful Joe lhota urged Anthony Weiner to jump into the race for mayor, Erin Durkin and David Seifman report.

"Anthony’s been a friend for a long time," Mr. Lhota said at a press conference on the steps of City Hall. "I’m looking forward to engaging him in a vibrant debate about the issues. I think he raises the level of the debate all way round and I urge him to enter the race."  

Bill de Blasio Has A 2nd Place Problem

As the presumed labor candidate in this year's mayoral race, Bill de Blasio has a labor problem. He has yet to receive a single union endorsements, writes Sally Goldenberg in the Post

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Jewish Vote 2013 #2 - The Bill's Lead As Equal Favorites In the Orthodox Jewish Community

This year's mayoral race may be a crossroads in terms of how the Jewish community, the orthodox community in particular votes, based on a few dozen interviews of community operatives - from the rank and file to the ordinary voter in the community - who participated in our NYC Elects inquiry.

While we are still awaiting the highly anticipated decision by Anthony Weiner, whether to jump into the mayoral race or indulge in a more boring but winnable race for comptroller against Scott Stringer, a manhattan Jew without the outer borough experience, people are already making up their minds of who to back for mayor. Again, in the event that Weiner doesn't run for mayor since the field of candidates doesn't include a prominent Jewish figure, Orthodox Jewish voters are inclined to look for the guy that they trust would best serve, or preserve, the Jewish community's interests.

John Liu On Fundraising Investigation: Time To Move On

Speaking before a packed room at a candidates forum in the 44th AD at the Independent Democratic club, City Comptroller John Liu addressed his fundraising investigation, on the eve of the trail of his two aides starting tomorrow:

Republican Mayoral Candidates Address The Brooklyn Conservative Party Annual Brunch in Bay Ridge

Joe Lhota addressing Brooklyn Conservatives  

 John Catsimatidis touts electability addressing the Brooklyn Conservative Party brunch

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reagan's Son Orders NYC GOP To Embrace Carrion''s Candidacy for Mayor

"It sounds like a mismatch: An illustrious Republican president’s son supporting a Democrat-turned-independent, ex-Obama administration official in his quest to run for New York City mayor on the GOP line," writes The Washington Post. But conservative commentator Michael Reagan is urging city Republican leaders to give Adolfo Carrion Jr. permission to run in the primary, saying it would strike a note of openness and diversity for a party that’s grappling with how to attract Hispanic voters.

Where They Start and End, The Candidates Pass To Victory (Or Not)

Quite an entertaining interactive profile of the , so far, nine candidates running for mayor and their chances, by Michael Barbaro and Tom Giratikanon in the NY Times. 

From "Christine Quinn is the frontrunner until she isnt" to Erick Slagado's "need of prayer", The Times assesses each of the candidates chances to overcome their hurdles, their path to victory  their nightmare scenario that would hold back that victory, and their boldest plan proposed on the trail.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Catsimatidis Thanks Brooklyn Dems For Endorsement?

Celeste Katz, who's pretty fast on noticing such errors, has a screen shot of Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis's facebook note, in which he thanks the Brooklyn Democrats for supporting his candidacy. 

catsimatidis brooklyn democrats_0.jpg

This might be a typical typo, since just recently The Brooklyn Republican county announced its support of Catsimatidis for mayor. Catsimatidis is expected to address the Young Republican club, led by a Brooklyn GOP rebel Glenn Nocera, who's not affiliated with the officials Brooklyn GOP county, at the end of the month.  

NYC-Is-Not-For-Sale Anti-Quinn Group Celebrates 'Outstanding Week'

The 'Anybody But Quinn campaign for NYC is Not for Sale 2013' independent group sent out a celebratory email rejoicing a full week of activity, gaining statewide attention, mainly driven by Ms. Quinn's response.

Random Street Poll: New Yorkers Think Weiner Deserves A Second Chance

With Anthony Weiner plotting to re-enter the race for mayor, NY Mag's Neha Sharma polled a diverse group of 100 New Yorkers at Union Square whether they thought Mr. Weiner deserves a second chance.

Quinn Looking Good In The Eyes Of The Fashion World

Democratic mayoral frontrunner Christine Quinn called the Fashion industry "an incredibly important economic engine in New York City." 

"It's an industry that has the potential to create and sustain lots of jobs that intersect with folks who have lots of different education experiences," she told Hillary Reinsberg for BuzzFeed . "I'm for any and all industries that put people to work, and if they make you look good while they're doing it, all the better." 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lhota Fundraises Off NYC Scandals To Get Rid Of The "Tsunami of Sleaze"

 In an email to supporters, Republican mayoral candidate touted his ethics reform plan, in an effort to court voters who are sick of the ongoing corruption scandals. Mr. Lhota, in a fundraising plea, vowed to get rid of the "Tsunami of Sleaze" that plagues our city.

Guest Blog: The NYC Mayoral Race In The Eyes Of A Suburban New Yorker

(Guest Blog by Ryan Scott Karben). It's never surprising when city folk dis the suburbs. Ed Koch called suburban life “sterile.” The Times' recently reported on "scruffy bohemians" from Brooklyn "colonizing" Rockland’s Nyack-- in the Fashion section.
But voters in the burbs have strong opinions about city life too. According to the Rudin Center, 25% of all workers in Manhattan live in the suburbs. 40% of the NYPD lives outside the city. And while non-Gothamites can’t vote on who will take over Mike Bloomberg’s bullpen in City Hall, they do care.

When New York City gets a new Mayor, we do too.

2012 Election and Mayoral Race Debacle Create Rift Between GOP County Chair and Brooklyn's only Elected Official

Calling himself the Republican's only Brooklyn elected official, state Senator Marty Golden is using the 2012 election losses and the mayor's race debacle as a ramification to try to force out county GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, Celeste Katz reports.

AUDIO: When Jacob Kornbluh Gets To Ask A Question at A Mayoral Forum

Weiner's Jewish Brothers Embrace Ambitions, Divided On Timing

While pundits are divided among themselves whether Weiner's bombshell announcement that he's seeking to jump into the mayoral race hurts frontrunner Christine Quinn or Bill de Blasio, there's definitely one group that is not yet locked on any of the candidates. Weiner entry could shake up allegiances among New York City’s Jews, Josh Nathan-Kazis writes in The Forward.

Joe Lhota: Metzitzah B'peh Consent Form Is A 'Reasonable Approach'

The New York City's requirement of a parental consent when Metzitzah B’peh is performed as part of a circumcision, is a 'reasonable approach', mayoral candidate Joe Lhota told Jewish students at a town hall meeting in Manhattan.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lhota Gets Libertarian Line; Declines To Accept Nomiantion

Republican Joe Lhota, who is vying the republican nomination for mayor, got some colorful add to his campaign with the nomination of the Libertarian party, running as a slot alongside "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis who dropped out of the race to run for comptroller. 

Salgado In Pitch To Orthodox Jewish Voters: Religious Values Under Sustained Attack By NYC Gov't

Long shot Conservative Democratic mayoral candidate, Erick Salgado, addressed Tuesday night the Rabbinical Alliance of America, a national rabbinic organization based in New York, in an effort to reach out to Orthodox Jewish voters from a standpoint of religion, faith and common values.

"We are living in a time when the values of people of faith are under sustained attack," Mr. Salgado started off. "whenever there is a person who believes, who wants to preserve his culture, his customs and his values, that person seems to be strange. And many of the elected officials don't respect the different communities.. that's the reality " he said.

Some Mayoral Candidates Playing It Cool In Welcoming Weiner To The Race

The mayoral candidates are not shvitzing, or playing it cool, about the possibility of a Anthony Weiner mayoral candidacy. Ross Barkan and Colin Campbell from Politicker, caught up with some of the candidates this afternoon, following a candidate forum in the Bronx. 

"My strategy is set, I’m comfortable with it,” Mr. de Blasio said “I believe in a vision for change for this city. Obviously I’ve been a champion for the outer boroughs. I’m a Brooklynite; I believe the city government during the Bloomberg years became less and less fair to the outer boroughs … I think I’ve made clear what it looks like to have a five-borough government that respects every borough he said.” 

Quinnipiac Poll: Quinn and Lhota Remain Beatable Favorites; GOP Candidates Unknown

The dream of the Democrats avoiding a runoff could be put to rest, as the fight for second place is all open. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's chances of inching ahead to the magic number has dealt a severe blow, following a barrage of criticism and attacks in recent weeks, the latest Quinnipiac poll shows. 

Councilman Greenfield Takes Weiner To Twitter Test

NYC Councilman Greenfield isn't a big fan of Anthony Weiner. Well, we know that. 

As the world woke up to the morning of a possible Weiner comeback, NYC councilman David Greenfield, who's an effective Twitterverse leader, took it to the place where Weiner ended up in disgrace - to assess the impact his comeback trial had on New Yawkers.

Weiner Eyes Mayoral Comeback: "It's Now or Never."

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner has confirmed the growing speculations of him considering a run for mayor, according to an extensive interview he and his wife Huma gave to the the New York Times magazine.

“I don’t have this burning, overriding desire to go out and run for office,” Weiner told the Times.. “It’s not the single animating force in my life as it was for quite some time. But I do recognize, to some degree, it’s now or maybe never for me, in terms of running for something."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

AUDIO: Brian Lehrer Auditions Mayoral Candidate Erick Salgado

Read my Tweets: Carrion Is In Until The Very End

Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, who's hope of running for mayor as a Republican has been dashed by the Brooklyn GOP county's endorsement of John Catsimatidis, vowed today to stay in the race until November. 
Following a mayoral forum this morning, Dana Rubenstein asked Carrion if Eaton's decision would impact his plans to run for mayor. "You know, it doesn't, because I'm an independent candidate for mayor, I always was," he responded. The Republicans, he said, "wanted to explore a fusion candidacy...And I was happy to entertain and talk to them."

Public Advocate Candidate, Letitia James Urges Perpetrator To Turn Himself in Before The Jews Get Their Hands on Him

Surrounded by elected officials, Public Advocate candidate Letitia James condemned the hate crime In williamsburg. James issued a call to the individual or perpetrators who have committed the crime to turn himself in "before anyone from this community (The Jewish community) gets their hands on you. It's in your best interest... You should do it now.. again.. before anyone gets to you first," she said.

James also had a slip of the tongue, caused by her overwhelming bold statement: "You should do it because it was the wrong thing to do, and we are sending a wrong message to you - that if you don't turn yourself in, we will get you."

Quinn and Bill de Blasio Strongly Condemn Acts of Hatred Against Brooklyn Jewish Community

Speaker Christine Quinn visited the Mezuzah burning hate crime this morning in Williamsburg, and held a press conference at the site with other elected officials. "Make no mistake that was a coordinated hate crime," Ms. Quinn said alongside Rabbi Moshe Duvid Neiderman, the organizer of the press conference, and Rabbi Jonathan Mentzer. "This is clearly an act designed to spread hatred and fear into the hearts of New Yorkers. In particular the Jewish community, and in particular the Jewish community in Williamsburg."

Quinn Send Letter Urging Candidates To Condemn IE Groups; BDB Responds: Legal is Legal

As the first target from outside attack dog groups,City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is calling on her rivals in the mayor's race to condemn any spending by outside groups.

In a letter to all of the  candidates running for City Hall, Quinn wrote, "I am asking you to join me in a pledge to condemn and reject all independent expenditures in this race. New Yorkers deserve to hear from candidates directly, not through SuperPACs attempting to circumvent our New York Public Finance system."

Brooklyn GOP County Join Manhattan and Queens In Backing John Catsimatidis for Mayor

It's official: Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton is supporting John Catsimatidis. 

Mr. Eaton praised the billionaire businessman in a lengthy statement."John grew up in Harlem, attended our public schools and built a successful business career right here on the streets of our city," Eaton said. "As an immigrant, John intuitively understands the problems and challenges that so many new New Yorkers face. As a product of our public schools, John knows firsthand how a good education prepares our children for the future with the academics and skills they need to succeed." 

Flashback: Not The First Time Bill de Blasio and Quinn Quarrel Over Discretionary Funds Reform

Its not the first time Bill de Blasio and Christine Quinn are at each other over discretionary funds reform. In 2010, David Chen reported in the NY Times, a proposal pushed by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio to make discretionary city funds more transparent, and create a searchable database that would disclose pertinent details about all applications for such funds.

Monday, April 8, 2013

War of Videos Loom Over Member Items

In the wake of the latest scandal arrests, including four City Council Members being criminally charged with abusing Member Item allocation, Public Advocate released this following video calling out Speaker Quinn for defending member items.

Quinn Raises Money On Independent Attack Ads

The new Normar in todays politics. Instead of dismissing an attack ad as being lousy and inaccurate, Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s raised the level of the ad by asking her supporters to boost her campaign war chest in order to fight back against these sorts of attacks. 

Growing Anxiety Of Post-Bloomberg Mayor Immune To Powerful Interests

The latest corruption scandals, has exacerbated those fears of many from a post-Bloomberg mayor immune to bribery or intimidation by powerful special interests. After 12 years of  a billionaire mayor, who had no outside interests to abide with, a less assertive manager would bring down New York to the level of a messy backroom deal-making government, Chris Bragg and Andrew Hawkins write in The Insider Blog.

Lhota Touts Thatcherist Legacy

“Margaret Thatcher was a 20th century visionary who understood the power of individual freedom versus the tyranny of government collectivism,” Mr. Lhota said in a statement released on the day the former british Prime minister passed away. 

“She was a loyal supporter and friend of the United States and her terms as prime minister were marked as the beginning of the resurgence of the economy of the United Kingdom,” he continued. “She will be missed. My prayers go out to her family and to our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom.”

Rudy Pitches In For Brother Lhota: "Joe Is One of Us."

Celeste Katz has the invitation to an upcoming fundraiser for Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, on April 29, headlined by Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Anti-Quinn Ad Fills The Democratic Field With Smoke and Gun Shots

It has officially begun, when Christine Quinn is being painted as a moderate who's out of touch with progressive Democratic voters. A new outside campaign, by a coalition of left-leaning labor unions and Democratic activists who say they are not backing anyone in particular, has been launched Sunday night with the release of a 30 second TV ad scheduled to air on cable television stations like MSNBC and Bravo for three weeks, David Chen reports in the NY Times

The Jewish Vote 2013 #1 - How The Mayoral Candidates Are CourtingOrthodox Jewish Voters

(By Jacob Kornbluh). Over the past two decades, since 1993, New York City’s Jews have broken with their traditional Democratic voting pattern,  to back Republican mayoral candidates. Even in 2001, Mike Bloomberg, Giuliani’s successor roughly split the Jewish vote against fellow Jewish candidate Mark Green, not to mention his decisive victories in 2005 and 2009.

Where Is Thompson... Where Are You?

Since covering the mayoral race, we have gotten numerous calls from former Thompson supporters who have expressed disappointment in Bill Thompson's absence from major Jewish events.

Mr. Thompson's last visit to the Jewish community in Brooklyn, was at a closed event in the Avenue Plaza hotel's conference room, with the attendance of a dozen community leaders and operatives. However, Mr. Thompson was notably absent from the annual COJO of Flatbush legislative Breakfast, as from the JCC of Marine park breakfast a week earlier.

Lhota: 'Tsunami Of Sleaze' Wave Of Corruption Must End

GOP mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota started off the week with the attack on the Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn for her oversight of member items in the city Council, and his opponent in the Republican party for contributing to the GOP counties. “I actually think Christine has handled member items in a way that’s quite inequitable,” Lhota said on the steps of City Hall this morning. “You shouldn't be using taxpayer money and ... doling it out in favors to friends.” he said. 

Lhota also proposed drastically reducing the amount of money – to $4,950 – that citywide candidates can give to political party committees, according to the Post. His GOP primary opponent, John Catsimatidis, has given $23,000 to the Queens Republican Party, which endorsed him in the race this year. 

“I don’t think there’s anything illegal at all” about the donations, Lhota said. “I actually think it’s the appearance of impropriety. There have been enough people saying, you know, so and so bought their endorsement, so and so bought their race.”

Lhota also wants term limits for state and county chairs in light of the charges, and he says those leaders should be barred from simultaneously holding elected office.He proposed that lawmakers with felony convictions for corruption be stripped of their pensions."This wave of corruption, what I call this tsunami of sleaze, has to come to an end," he said.

Catsimatidis Suggests Lhota Should Run For Comptroller

In an interview with Richard French Live's Dominic Carter, Republican mayoral candidate suggested that Joe Lhota should have run for comptroller, based on the experience he touts for his qualification. "Joe is a very fine person but he's a technocrat. Maybe he should run for comptroller. But me, I am a visionary. I am the only one running that has created tens of thousands of jobs," Catsimatidis said. "So Mr. Lhota is not more qualified?" Dominic Carter asked. "No, absolutely not," Catsimatidis responded. "I am qualified. he's [Lhota is] a fine man, but let him do what he's qualified for." 

Mr. Catsimatidis also took a jab at the Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn."I am not sure New York is ready for Christine Quinn,." he said. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bronx Dem: Smith Scandal 'A Bloomberg Plot' To Block Minorities

A leading Bronx Democrat told Human Events that the scandal involving state Sen. Malcolm A. Smith (D.-Bronx) is non other than a distraction by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “This may be a case of entrapment by a political power base that does not want a popular African American leader to run for mayor, especially on the Republican Party line,” said Efrain Gonzalez III, a community activist from the Bronx. 

The Weiner Is UP! Exploring Mayoral Comeback

Former disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner is laying the groundwork for a political comeback, possibly to this year’s mayoral race, Josh Margolin and David Seifman report in The Post.

Newcomer and Long Shot Mayoral Candidate Cries Foul Over 'Discriminatory' Disregard

As reported last week, Rev. Erick Salgado, a church pastor and self-described "conservative Democrat," has entered the crowded field seeking the Democratic party's nomination for mayor. In an interview with the Staten Island Advance, Mr. Slagado touted his Latino culture and coalition he believes he has assembled as a unique choice in this mayoral race. 

"We need to concentrate and make sure that all the different communities get the representation they deserve in City Hall," Rev. Salgado told the Advance Friday. "We cannot define New York City as a melting pot anymore -- we have to understand it is a collection of different communities with different cultures."

Friday, April 5, 2013

Quinn Throwing Back Sharpened Arrows At de Blasio With His Own Word

(Quotes per Reid Pillifant on Capital New York). Christine Quinn has a good memory. After all, It's not the first time she's facing Bill de Blasio as a contender. In the last round, 8 years ago, she beat Bill de Blasio in a contested race to be the City Council speaker. At a mayoral forum in Brooklyn this week, after de Blasio criticized her stewardship of the Council's member items, Quinn struck back with a quote from the archives. 

War of Words - Lhota: Legal But Unethical; Catsimatidis: If It's legal,It's Not Unethical

In an interview on the "Road to City Hall" Thursday night, Republican mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota took an indirect shot at his main GOP primary opponent, John Catsimatidis, for donating heavily to local Republican organizations, calling it "unethical." 

"It's not illegal, but in my estimation it's unethical, and it shouldn't happen," Mr. Lhota told NY1. "The chairman of the party should not be allowed to sell the party's endorsements or get involved in anything like that." 

AUDIO: NYC Elects 2013 Interview with Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Rabbi Yehuda Levin Spoke to NYC Elects at the sidelines of Rev. Erick Salgado's mayoral campaign kickoff at City Hall. 

George McDonald Sells Himself as "The Only Political Outsider In The Race."

Long shot mayoral candidate, George McDonald seized the only moment he might have gotten left to gain some traction in the Republican primary to paint himself as an outsider who'll clean up house, in wake of the latest corruption scandals.

"I stand by my statement to the New York Times. The fact is despite Senator Smith’s clear history of ethical lapses and blatant disregard for the law, Chairman Isaacs was one of Malcolm’s biggest early boosters," McDonald said in a statement as a rebuke to Manhattan GOP chair, Dan Isaacs's criticism of the DOE founder's comment to the NYT. "Moreover, in one of the wealthiest places in the world, Dan has somehow managed to oversee a local party bankrupt both ideologically and financially. But for the largesse of another billionaire benefactor, also running for Mayor, Dan wouldn’t have a party apparatus to run," he stingly added.

Councilman Eric Ulrich on The Spin Class: GOP Arrests "A Terrible Blow To The Party."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Councilman Greenfield Slams Mayoral Candidates Lhota and de Blasio over Discretionary Funds

Bloomberg Comes to Quinn's Defense: She Is A Person Of 'Enormous Integrity'

Mayor Bloomberg is coming to Speaker Christine Quinn's defense, as she's triying to bear attacks over the City Council’s discretionary funding policy. Quinn has “done an excellent job running the city,” said Bloomberg, according to Jennifer Fermino in the Daily News.  

Erick Salgado Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign: ”I Speak With An Accent, But I Don’t Think With An Accent.”

Surrounded by his wife Sonia and their six children, family members, leaders of the Hispanic, Russian and Orthodox community, Erick Salgado, a pastor from Brooklyn, kicked off  today his campaign for mayor at the steps of City Hall. long lines of supporters who were waiting to get in missed the main event as the clock kept ticking. 

A copy of the letter signed and authorized
 by leading rabbis of the Orthodox community,
as obtained by NYC Elects.
Joseph Hayon, a Jewish activist and  former Assembly candidate, read a letter signed and authorized by some of the leading rabbis in the Orthodox community in support of Salgado. "Mayoral candidate Erick Salgado is the only known candidate committed to fighting for morality and religious freedom for the jewish community," the letter reads. "Therefore, it is a 'mitzvah chiyuves' (religious obligation) to support his campaign. It further obligates any jew who is not registered to vote to do so, in order to vote for Mr. Salgado in the Democratic primary."

The letter was signed by: Rav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkelbaum, Rosh Yeshivas Mir; Rav Benheoil, Rav of Bnei Yosef and Rosh Yeshiva of Mikdash Melech; Rav Elyahu  Ben Haim, Rav of Yesodai Mahsad (5000 congregants) in Queens; Rav Shlomo Tzvi Stern, Debreziner Rav of BP; Rav Amram Klwin, Ungar Rav; Rav Moshe Green, Rosh Yeshiva of monsey and Rav Yisroel Neuman, Rosh Yeshiva Lakewood. 

"This letter inspired me to give the maximum contribution for matching fund to the Erick Salgado campaign," said Hayon, as he handed a check of $175 to the candidate.