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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bob Turner: GOP Insiders Planning To Field New Mayoral Candidate

It ain't over until it's over. The ray Kelly cloud is floating again over the Republican primary, according to former Congressman Bob Turner. If the present Republican candidates do not gain traction in the New York City mayoral race, party insiders are planning to field a new candidate, Mr. Turner told Hamodia. 

“ We'll see, I just don’t know yet,” Turner said. “It won't be me, I’ll tell you that. Trust me.” Turner said that details are too premature but could “possibly” happen. “I can't be sure what may happen,” he said. “The situation is still fluid. The primary isn't until September, which is in a really long time.”

Turner, whose Breezy Point home got burnt down during Hurricane Sandy, has  just submitted his rebuilding plans for approval last week, and hopes to move in by fall. In the meantime, Mr. Turner is living in Kew Gardens and helping the Republican party weather the storm of the latest arrests and the turmoil within the county committee. “I’m still involved a little in politics,” Mr. Turner told Yochonon Donn.“I’m trying to straighten out this Queens mess. And if I could be helpful in the mayoral race to support whoever our candidate is, I’d like to be helpful in that.”

In a brief conversation with NYC Elects, Mr. Turner confirmed that Ray Kelly is the name floating around, but said it did not come up from his behalf. "I'm friends with Both John Catsimatidis and Joe Lhota, and I will do anything to help a Republican get elected as Mayor," said Mr. Turner. 

Mr. Turner hinted who his preferred candidate might be, but said he's not inclined to endorse any candidate before the primary, unless he's asked to do so. 

When asked about Anthony Weiner's run, Mr. Turner assessed that Mr. Weiner would face an uphill battle if he indeed decided to jump in. 


  1. In an interview with New York’s “Capital Tonight,” Bob Turner said that Republicans “can’t continue to uniformly oppose tax increases in order to solve the debt issue.”

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