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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are New Yorkers Ready for Another Billionaire as Mayor?

"I want to be a Mayor for all the neighborhoods of our great city. I want to be a Mayor who fairly represents all New Yorkers whether you are a cab driver from South Asia, a bodega owner from the Caribbean or an aspiring actor from the Midwest." (Catsimatidis in announcement 01-29-13) 

Are New Yorkers ready for another billionaire as Mayor? Are they convinced in his commitment to serve as a mayor of all people, by selling himself as a 'common wealthy' personal? 

NYmag conducted a 'man in the street' survey, asking random New Yorkers whether they are skeptical or not about Catsimaditis? 

"Sounds pretty good. I mean, you know ... " said Melvin Major,the Caribbean man behind Miss Lily's Bake Shop & Melvin's Juice Box in lower Manhattan. "Everybody says that stuff at the beginning, but you gotta give him a chance, right?"

"I think that's a beautiful statement," said the struggling Wolfe. "Anyone that can tap in and understand what the struggle is — New York is a very challenging place and it's great to hear someone so excited to acknowledge people in those career paths. A lot of people belittle actors and assume we're all waiters." 

Wolfe, perked up when she heard how he made his money. "Oh, I love Gristedes! I shop there regularly," she said, naming the locations of three separate stores near her Chelsea apartment. "He's got my vote if he started Gristedes." 

Chima, the cab driver, has harder feelings. "Who cares? What [billionaire] cares!" he said, getting heated. "Like Bloomberg! Sandy [comes] and he don't give anybody pennies. He's a billionaire? These people, they don't care about you and me!"

"With Bloomberg, nobody has thought about anyone else in years," said a more hopeful New Yorker. "He's got to focus on the rent stuff ... Everyone's getting pushed out," he added. "My vote is up for grabs!"

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