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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adolfo Carrion Touts Jewish and Pro-Israel Connections

Adolfo Carrion, who won the nomination of the independence party for mayor, was asked yesterday by Celeste Katz about anti-Semitic remarks made in the past by Independence Party leader Lenora Fulani, who retracted the statements and apologized back in 2007, Azi Paybarah reports.

Carrion strongly objected to the idea that he was associating with anyone or anything anti-Semitic and said his advocacy for Israel practically makes him Jewish.

"I'm a Puerto Rican kid from New York City who's practically half Jewish by virtue of birth and my association here in this city, so give me a break," he said. "I would never be associated with anything that's anti-Semitic. I can see it a mile away. Every Jewish leader in this town and in this country knows that I am a friend of Israel. I have been there five times. I've fought for all their causes and I will continue to do that."

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