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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daily News Editorial: Democratic Candidates Have Shown Zero Willingness To Make Tough Choices

Bloomberg ain't leaving us paradise, nor would the Democratic candidates politically acknowledge that after 5 terms of a Republican Mayor, NYC is better off than 20 years ago.

Hence, other than Bill de Blasio,  his Democratic rivals Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson and John Liu dismiss the possibility that New York could go into decline. After all they are all part of what has happened to the city over the past 8 years or so, so why not take some credit for the achievements reached.

But what about the day after, asks the Daily News?

"With great good reason, New York has become a place of high optimism. The next mayor will have the job of building on its many strengths with visionary policies and driving them to fruition over predictable political opposition."

"There’s cause for worry because none of the Democrats has taken a single position that entails significant risk. They are running with promises to help the middle class, which would be nice, vows to deliver new programs like pre-kindergarten education, which would also be nice, and assurances that they would be kinder and gentler than Bloomberg on, say, school policies. They want to make nice and win the support of municipal labor in hopes of squeaking through a Democratic primary."

Running a list of things that have been done to the city by Bloomberg, the DN wonders whether the candidates vying to replace Bloomberg are fit to push through the issues left hangin'. 

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