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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Catsimatidis Expects Carrion To Drop Out of Mayoral Race

In an interview to Jewish Political Radio - The Spin ClassMayoral candidate John Catsimatidis indicated he might be behind the Daily News story that broke today on Adolfo Carrion helping a major developer who had arranged to provide him with an architect for home renovations.

Speaking to Radio host Michael Fragin, Catsimatidis indicated he might seek the nomination of the Independence Party, expressing confidence Carrion would drop out of the race

"They [NYC voters] vote for me as a Republican. They can vote for me as an Independent," Catsimitidis said with regard to his background as a Democrat.

Asked to follow up, why he thinks he will have the independence party's slot, seen the Carrion already has the nomination. Yet clouded by the NYDN story, Catsimatidis responded: "I read the Daily News. You read the Daily News. We will see what happens."


Listen to the Full Interview of John Catsimatidis on the Spin Class Radio Show with Michael Fragin:

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