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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

McDonald Looking To Cash In Campaign Finance Victory

Republican Mayoral candidate George McDonald scored a small, but significant, win in court yesterday: For the time being, he can collect campaign donations that are legal under state law but exceed the $4,950-per-donor limit imposed by the city, the NYPost reports

McDonald, who has opted out of the city’s matching-funds program, may now raise money based on the state’s finance laws which allows campaign donations of up to $19,700 in the primaries and $41,100 in general elections. 

In a race that is all about money, a field not everybody can compete in, McDonald is relieved to have overcome that hurdle, if he indeed finds those generous donors. “I’m planning on financing my campaign exactly as the attorney general does now (Eric Schneiderman). It hasn't seemed to invite corruption as far as he’s concerned. It certainly won’t for me,” McDonald told The Post.

“This was a big victory,” McDonald’s campaign manager Craig Parker told The Post outside Manhattan Supreme Court. “The important thing is I get to raise the money,” McDonald chimed in.

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