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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Republican County Committee Chairmen Now Believe a Primary is Good for the Party

Looks like the five Boroughs Republican Chairmen have given up on the hope of coming together to support a single candidate, in favor of a Republican primary. "It is what it is. They are all qualified," said Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton. "That's good for the Party," he added.

Celeste Katz published a raw video of the city's five Republican county committee chairmen speaking after Monday night's meeting with five of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for mayor.


Robert Scamardella, Staten Island county chairman told reporters that a primary might be a good thing for Republicans. A primary "will elevate the Republican candidate and increase the Republican candidate's chances for an election victory in November," he said.

Jay Savino, Bronx county chairman, expressed hope that the GOP candidates will raise the level of the conversation. "I believe, as our candidates move forward and talk whats best for the city, it will force the Democrats, who right now are not talking issues at all," to step up to the plate. Savino added that the Democratic candidates are only "running for the love and affection of the extreme left wing union support." 

Manhattan’s Dan Isaacs, who is a supporter of John Catsimatidis, said the GOP primary would likely be a service to the people of New York. 

"Each and everyone of these candidate would be a great mayor. Now its up to the electorate. If we can keep the Republicans in power of the city it will be the best thing." Craig Eaton concluded.

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