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Sunday, February 10, 2013

With Size 12 Shoes, John Catsimatidis Wants To be In The Loop

Republican mogul and the viral candidate of the 2013 mayoral race, John Catsimatidis has no fear of fitting in the shoes of any previous mayor, of course if elected. With a size 12 shoe, Catsimatidis believes he can get his way any way, anywhere.

"Listen, when a mayor has size 12 shoes, he could put his foot down," Catsimatidis told Azi Paybarah at a press conference in Queens last week, when asked what a mayor can do about a State agency, like the MTA.

When Azi Payabrah asked him whether he would appoint Liaisons from various ethnic groups reporting directly to him. "I think we should have one from the Italian community," Mr. Catsimatidis replied. "I think we should have one from the Asian community and every community that—I like to be in the loop. That's the rule in my companies. And that's going to be the rule in the city of New York. I don't want to be the last person to know what is going on."

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