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Friday, March 1, 2013

Christine Quinn Might Lose Key Endorsement From Home Chelsea Club

What happens to many politician once they rise to power and are given the keys to the palace. City Council Speaker might soon learn on her own flesh what you get for neglecting your district and the consequences following for  making it difficult for community groups and residents to access her. 

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn might lose the endorsement of the political club that launched her to power, New York has learned. The Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, a bastion of progressive politicians since 1958, helped transform Quinn from a young housing advocate to the City Council Speaker. But now, many Chelsea residents, dissatisfied both with her performance representing their neighborhood and her job as speaker, have joined the club in a bid to ensure anyone but Quinn wins its mayoral endorsement. 

Multiple sources told New York that several of Quinn's recent actions — from backing Mayor Michael Bloomberg's third term to supporting a controversial expansion of Chelsea Market — have convinced many residents that she no longer represents the interests of the neighborhood. "People — lots of people — have joined to vote against her because of that," said one longtime club member who plans to oppose Quinn's endorsement. 

"Like many other members in the community, I've been disappointed with her decisions," Lesley Doyel, one of the leaders of neighborhood group Save Chelsea, said. "In her very own district and in other communities around the city, people are very concerned about her leanings towards special interest groups as manifested in the Chelsea Market approval." 

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