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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Mayoral Candidates Will Be Celebrating Passover Over Matzah andMaror

As president Obama has been doing since he came into office in 2009, some of the mayoral candidates, who are running in a city that is the largest gathering of Jews outside Israel, will be celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover by attending a Seder night over Matzah and Maror.

Via Andrew Hawkins from The Insider Blog at Crains New York:

*Council Speaker Christine Quinn will be attending a seder in Manhattan.

*Republican candidate Joseph Lhota will dine on the bread of affliction in Riverdale at the home of a long-time friend.

*Doe Fund founder George McDonald will be having a "quiet" seder at home with his family, a spokesman said. His wife, Harriet, is Jewish.

*Former Comptroller Bill Thompson, Public advocate Bill de Blasio, who are favorite in the Orthodox Jewish community, will not be attending a seder this year.

*John Liu will attend a Seder.

*A Spokesperson for Sal Albanese did not respond to requests for comment.

*A spokesman for Republican candidate John Catsimatidis said he wasn't certain whether the supermarket and oil billionaire would be making matzoh-and-charoset sandwiches. But Mr. Catsimatidis's campaign did tweet on Monday, "To all my friends in the Jewish Community celebrating Passover, I wish you A Zissen Pesach."

*Mayor Michael Bloomberg, celebrates Passover with his family every year, a spokesman said.

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