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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unapologetic Quinn Pushes Back on National TV: At Times I Get Emotional and Forceful

What Mitt Romney used to tout his love for America, Christine Quinn is now using the same terminology "No Apology' to express her love for New York City.


Mayoral hopeful, Christine Quinn denied on national TV that she had used the power of her office to avenge grievances with elected officials who disagreed with her. "I am not going to apologize for that because that has made us efficient and more focused on the needs of New Yorkers," Ms. Quinn told CNN. 

"My job is not making people smile, my job is to deliver. I am an aggressive woman who gets things done," an unapologetic Quinn asserted. 

“I’ve tried very hard to bring discipline to the City Council, which was for many many years known a kind of an undisciplined body without focus. Now that means bringing order,” she said. “At times I get really emotional about the work I’m doing. I’m an aggressive woman who gets things done and that’s the way it is. I’ve never been embarrassed about the fact that I am pushy and aggressive.” 

In a separate interview on MSNBC, Quinn touted her pushy broad as an asset. “I have always said I’ve had a big personality, and I’ve always said I’m a pushy broad, and I’ve always said I want to get things done. And sometimes to get things done you have to be aggressive,” she said. 

“Now I hope I’m never over the line and the times that I have made mistakes and been over the line I’m the first to pick up the telephone and make an apology,” she added. "But I’m passionate about the work I do, and I’m passionate and in a rush to make things better for New York City, and sometimes you have to push to make that happen. This is a tough town. You need tough people leading it.”

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