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Monday, April 15, 2013

Bill de Blasio Has A 2nd Place Problem

As the presumed labor candidate in this year's mayoral race, Bill de Blasio has a labor problem. He has yet to receive a single union endorsements, writes Sally Goldenberg in the Post

“He’s a labor candidate and labor can’t go out for him,” one union source told the Post. “His numbers aren’t moving. It’s worrying his friends.” Although Mr. de Blasio seems the natural choice for progressive unions, the city’s top four labor organizations — the United Federation of Teachers, Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, 1199 SEIU, and the Hotel & Motel Trades Council, have not yet endorsed any candidate. But they won't be waiting too long, in hope that de Blasio manages to improve his sluggish poll numbers.

The major union, who are hoping to negotiate new and retroactive contracts with the next mayor, want to put their resources behind a candidate with a good shot at winning, writes Sally Goldenberg.  

“The union activists really dislike Chris [Quinn], but we have a much larger membership than that,” said one UFT source. “There has to be some movement among the other three [candidates]. Somebody has got to emerge as a strong number two. I certainly haven’t seen it.” 

Ms. Quinn’s recent 5-point drop in the polls might indicate she’s losing steam, said another top union source. “Bill’s got a mojo; Chris has been brought down to earth,” the source said.

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  1. How is De Blasio "the labor candidate"? He has stated that he wants pension and health benefit concessions from the city unions if he's elected. Liu and Thompson are the only "labor" candidates in this race.

    City Union Officer