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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bloomberg Comes to Quinn's Defense: She Is A Person Of 'Enormous Integrity'

Mayor Bloomberg is coming to Speaker Christine Quinn's defense, as she's triying to bear attacks over the City Council’s discretionary funding policy. Quinn has “done an excellent job running the city,” said Bloomberg, according to Jennifer Fermino in the Daily News.  

"I have always supported member items as long as they are administered and checked carefully,” said Bloomberg. Bloomberg said the arrest was not about member items. “The real problem here is there is a group of unelected people who control the ballot access,” he said. And “I’ve always said that I think Speaker Quinn, who is getting criticized for this, is a person of enormous integrity and I think she has done an excellent job of running the city. It’s not an easy job but I think she’s done it well,” he said. 

“In all fairness, compared to other legislatures around the country, I think the City Council functions very well. They read their bills, which doesn’t seem to happen in other legislatures, they hold hearings, they deliberate,” he added.

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