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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boom Boom! Bill de Blasio and Christine Quinn Spar For A Brief Moment

In a 60 minutes debate, shared with 6 candidates on stage, there weren't many moments of zinger dropping, jabs or direct confrontations between the leading mayoral candidates. The only direct back and forth square off was at minute 0:56:00, when Bill de Blasio, who totally ignored the remaining candidates, took out the gun and began shooting at Christine Quinn over Stop and Frisk.


"Speaker Quinn, the fact is, you only moved on stop-and-frisk because there was tremendous public pressure," said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. "You weren't willing to challenge Ray Kelly previously, and you only moved on Civilian Complaint Review Board because, again, other people were moving on the issue."

"Bill, you are engaged in revisionist history," Quinn responded. "What I said to you and Councilmember Garodnick is that the legislation you had to give the CCRB prosecutorial authority was not legally doable."

“You’re simply making that up,” she shot back.

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