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Friday, April 5, 2013

George McDonald Sells Himself as "The Only Political Outsider In The Race."

Long shot mayoral candidate, George McDonald seized the only moment he might have gotten left to gain some traction in the Republican primary to paint himself as an outsider who'll clean up house, in wake of the latest corruption scandals.

"I stand by my statement to the New York Times. The fact is despite Senator Smith’s clear history of ethical lapses and blatant disregard for the law, Chairman Isaacs was one of Malcolm’s biggest early boosters," McDonald said in a statement as a rebuke to Manhattan GOP chair, Dan Isaacs's criticism of the DOE founder's comment to the NYT. "Moreover, in one of the wealthiest places in the world, Dan has somehow managed to oversee a local party bankrupt both ideologically and financially. But for the largesse of another billionaire benefactor, also running for Mayor, Dan wouldn’t have a party apparatus to run," he stingly added.

Moving on to tout his cleanliness, mcdonald painted himself as the outsider coming to rescue the party and the city. " The Republican Party deserves better, our city deserves better. From day one, I have been running for Mayor as an outsider. As Mayor, I will serve the people and won’t be beholden to party leaders for patronage, donations or favors. No more bribes. No more scandals. No more patronage. No more sellouts. Personal responsibility is the Republican credo and I will honor it not just in words, but in actions. We welcome anyone to our campaign who is tired of the status quo and will support a candidate who is willing to stand up against a dysfunctional system that is prone to corruption and favors the super wealthy or career politicians," the statement read.

In a follow up email to supporters this morning, Mr. Mcdonald siezed the moment to sell himself and raise money for his campaign at once. "As Mayor, I will bring a new voice to City Hall – a voice that speaks for all New Yorkers and that can move our city in the right direction. As the only political outsider in the race, I am the only candidate who can truly provide solutions that will benefit hardworking families throughout the city and won't be beholden to patronage, donations, or favors."

"If you are tired of the status quo and want to support a candidate who is willing to stand up against a dysfunctional system that is prone to corruption and favors the super wealthy or career politicians, then lend your support today. I need your contribution to ensure that we will be on the ballot. The city will provide a 6-to-1 match of your donation of up to $175. With matching funds, your contribution of $175 becomes $1,225. I am asking for 1,000 contributions by my birthday, April 28th. Every contribution counts. Your donation – $10, $175, or more – will give voice to new and creative solutions to New York City’s most intractable problems," the email reads..  

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