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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GOP Mayoral Candidates Agree On Policy, Differ On Winning Formula

Speaking before a packed room of Young Republicans and Republican voters, the three GOP mayoral candidates seemed to agree  a lot with each other, especially on education, job creation and public safety while differing on the winning formula in November. "We all agree that a Republican needs to get elected as mayor this November. It's critical," said Joe Lhota in his opening statement.

Adolfo Carrion, who still has some hopes of receiving a Wilson Pakula to enter the Republican primary, also addressed the crowd, before leaving to another scheduled event.

Mr. Carrion addressed the latest reports of him reaching out to National Republicans in order to somehow get in to the Republican primary. "You probably have heard, there are some rumors out there that some people might be interested in having me participate in the Republican primary," he said., "John and Joe may have some disagreement with that, George may be friendly to the idea. It's a free country."

Nevertheless, Mr. Carrion vowed to stay in the race on the November ballot as an Independent to give New Yorkers, in his words, a choice. "I hope to be part of this discussion. In November,  I have a secure place on the ballot as an Independent, and John Catsimatidis is rooting that I stay as an Independent, so we can have a nice 3-way race in New york City.

Sparks flew at the table as John Catsimatidis suggested that the 2008 recession passed over New York City. "There is something that John said that bothers me," said George McDonald as he was asked a question about pre-K. "Maybe for you, John, and your friends, but not for the people in New York. He then went on to blast Mr. Catsimatidis's campaign message. "In order to win an election, it's not enough to be a millionaire, to have money, you need ideas and a message. I have the message," he said.

Mr. Catsimatidis didn't remain silent. "I got to tell you something, George. I am a man of all the people. I've been to the south Bronx I never saw you there. I've been all over the Bronx I never saw you there. I've been all over Queens I never saw you there. I've been all over Brooklyn I never saw you there. I've been in almost every neighborhood, and I believe the future has to be in every neighborhood in the city," he angrily rebutted.

Speaking to NYC Elects after the forum, Joe Lhota agreed with McDonald that Mr. Catsimatids's initial comment was not in place.

There was also not much an agreement between the three of them, who is best equipped to serve as the next Republican mayor. During his opening and closing statements, as during a Q&A over educations, Mr. Catsimatidis touted his wealth and appeal as the only way possible to keep the Democrats away from Gracie Mansion. "In order to implement the policies we believe in, we have to win. It's going to take a man of all the people to become mayor. A man that's a Republican, a man that Independents trust, a man that Democrats trust. I pledge to give all the money in the Republican Party to win. The only way to fix things is by winning, and the only way of winning is if you can secure a place on the November ballot," Mr. Catsimatidis proclaimed.

"I am not only running in the September primary, but I am also running in the November election, right now. We have two teams that are running both sets. You can't run in November and start in September  We are supplying whatever is needed to run both sets," Mr. catsimatidis added in his closing statement.

Joe Lhota on his part, touted his experience as deputy mayor, as budget director and MTA chairman. "We essentially have the same basic ideas, what's different is our background and approach," he said. "I am the only one up here who's been in both - the government and the private sector. I will be able to hit the job on day one, running the city of New york because I know exactly what needs to be done. There will be no on the job training," he added.

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