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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Korean Architect Joins Ever Growing Mayoral Field Flanked by supporters, friends and a couple of Hasidim at the steps of City Hall, South Korean architect He Gin Lee joined the ever growing mayoral field last Friday. Followed by Ceceilia's odd campaign kick off, Mr. Lee also read his remarks from a paper in a heavy Korean  accent.

The South Korean native from Flushing is the owner of He Gin Lee Architects, a firm that has built hundreds of buildings across the five boroughs.
In 2009, Lee ran for mayor but didn't make it onto the ballot, writes The Village Voice.  Mr. Lee's bio and issues are lined up at his campaign website.

OK, whateva..

 If you liked Ceceilia, you will fall in love with this guy: He Gin Lee's Speech at City Hall

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