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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Mayoral Candidates Playing It Cool In Welcoming Weiner To The Race

The mayoral candidates are not shvitzing, or playing it cool, about the possibility of a Anthony Weiner mayoral candidacy. Ross Barkan and Colin Campbell from Politicker, caught up with some of the candidates this afternoon, following a candidate forum in the Bronx. 

"My strategy is set, I’m comfortable with it,” Mr. de Blasio said “I believe in a vision for change for this city. Obviously I’ve been a champion for the outer boroughs. I’m a Brooklynite; I believe the city government during the Bloomberg years became less and less fair to the outer boroughs … I think I’ve made clear what it looks like to have a five-borough government that respects every borough he said.” 

Mr. de Blasio also said he “anyone who wants to run is welcome in this race,” adding, “I’m talking about a progressive vision of change that people want. If other candidates want to join this race they’re welcome, but I think what will ultimately decide this race is who has the clearer progressive vision. And I think I put forth that vision.” 

Bill Thompson echoed Mr. de Blasio’s welcome mat for Mr. Weiner, but additionally urged the former congressman to attend the various mayoral candidate forums so that voters can hear directly from him. “I don’t know if the congressman is going to run for mayor, but if he does, I welcome him to the race,” he said. “If Weiner is going to run, come and join us at the candidate forums. Come into this race then for mayor and let us have the discussion in front of the people of the City of New York about what New York City should be and the direction this city should go in.” 

Former Councilman Sal Albanese wasn’t quite as gentle as his opponents. “It’s gonna be a high hurdle for him to prevail in the mayors race given some of the things he’s done. I don’t see it,” he explained. “I can’t say some of the adjectives that have been used to describe him. I haven’t heard anything positive.” 

Rev. Erick Salgado smiled and said: “No comment.”

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