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Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 1: Weiner's Fumble Return From Exile

Anthony Weiner's apologetic comeback tour, starting with a bunch of hand picked one-on-one TV interview, isn't going too well, crisis management experts tell NY Daily News.
 "They faulted Weiner’s performance in a whirlwind of TV interviews Wednesday when the former congressman could not say how many women received raunchy texts and photos from him or rule out the possibility that more photos could emerge.

"Weiner’s less-than-artful dodge — which included nervous laughter in one interview — left an impression he might be hiding something, the crisis managers said, adding they were surprised he did not have a better game plan for answering obvious and inevitable questions about the scandal.

“One of the No.1 rules of crisis management is, ‘Do you have all of the correct information, and is more coming out that is going to make it worse?’” said Montieth Illingworth, of Montieth & Company.

In one of his interviews on Wednesday, with RNN, a regional cable news channel, Weiner said, “If reporters want to go try to find more, I can’t say that they’re not going to be able to find another picture or find another ... person.”

Illingworth said, "Clearly there is a remaining messiness to the story.”

Mark Kaminsky, a founding partner SS+K marketing, agreed that Weiner needed to handle the questions in a more direct way.

"He should have a better answer for that. ... Then he can put it behind us,” said Kaminsky.

"Kaminsky said he thought Weiner’s overall re-emergence was well-handled until the TV interviews. “He’s reminding people he’s a smart guy who made a stupendous, unthinkable, vain blunder, something that would croak the career or a lesser guy,” he said.

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