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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SHOCK: Anti-Quinn Blog Compares Christine Quinn To Hitler

A relatively new anti-Gay and anti-Quinn Blog, written and managed by a Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn, has been lately targeting Hasidic/Orthodox Jews who're supporting Speaker Quinn as their choice for mayor of NYC. While they might be motivated to destroy Quinn and pitching in return,  their chosen social conservative candidate for Mayor, Rev. Erick Salgado in the Orthodox Jewish community, the blog is now suggesting that Christine Quinn is even worse than Hitler.
"Failed Messiah reports that the Satmar Rebbe, whose followers are supporting lesbian Christine Quinn, said that the Israeli government is "worse than those who murdered us".

I have news for the rebbe.  Christine Quinn will do anything she could to cause you to leave religion. 

Need I remind you that some Jewish Askonim helped elect Hitler in 1933?  And now you will allow your Chassidim to support what you call to be worse than Hitler?"
In another blog post, the blogger blasts a shop owner for not accepting the candidacy of Erick Salgado. "According to he Satmar rabbi's logic, Christine Quinn is worse than Hitler.  The racism at Bon Appetit is so great, they would rather die in the gas chamber than vote for a Mexican." 

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