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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet NYC 'Social Media' Mayoral Candidate - Ceceilia Berkowitz

No, shes not 22, nor Orthodox or a senator wannabe barbie, but she's friends with Mayor Bloomberg and yes she's a Democrat. Meet the latest mayoral candidate, who launched her campaign by a trizzillion tweets to media outlets and reporters requesting interviews and immediate attention, 'Social Media Journalist' Ceceilia Berkowitz.

Ceceilia, 34 ,resident of Manhattan, originally from North Jersey, is a self described Social media journalist ( "since May2011 when I saw Dr.JillBiden (the Second lady) speak at a Commencement") who is launching her campaign for NYC Mayor on January 31st, "with a good strategy to plan to win the election, and simultaneously improve the politics and functioning of New York."

On her website, she claims she's in the process of "assembling together a diverse and inclusive team of New Yorkers and other interested people." some of them as she unvield on Twitter include: Alex Castillo, Michael O'Brien and Josh Omisore. Ceceilia has also appointed a Jewish Liasion to court the Jewish vote: Baruch Hertzfeld "my Facebook connection to the Orthodox in Brooklyn."

Brooklyn mega Tweep, Azi Paybarah from Capital New York, who noticed the newcomer ot the race sent put a single tweet that sent the conversation troll throughout the night by sleepless political junkies.

Upon the advice of Colin Campbell and Jacob Kornbluh, Ceceilia agreed to speak about herself and the positions she has undertaken to make New York City a better place with a 140 charcter interview under the hashtag #AskCeceilia.

Questions flew up in the air like 'What your position on Metzitza Bpeh?', Gay Marriage, Ground Zero Mosque, Yellow cabs and common issues that are of great concern to New York city residents.

Ceceilia is a 'Serious supporter of Same Sex marriage". Although she thinks "children should be brought up at a young age to be Straight, and to try to date the opposite sex." She is also in favor of term Limits. Hence, since she adores Mike Bloomberg, her expection is that it should be extended only for the 3 term Mayor.

Ceceilia, who loves Bloomberg and his policies, was also asked this:
And this:
Ceceilia, who is a Democrat ('I think it is impossible to be anything else other than a Democrat according to the true political party beliefs and surveys") will face an uphill battle in the Democratic primary against heavyweights like Quinn, Thompson and de Blasio. But she's less than deterred, not to mention optimistic that "If all goes well, you are looking at the next Mayor of the City!".


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