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Monday, February 18, 2013

Follow Up: What You Didn't Know about Ceceilia Berkowitz

Interview with Ceceilia Berkowitz - who is soon going to register as a NYC Resident, very soon as a Democrat and getting closer hiring campaign managers and fundraisers.

In the mean time, she is making gathering some Oppo research on her potential candidates, and planning to reach out to President Obama and mitt Romney for fundraising appeals. She's not yet planning a visit to Israel. In fact, she is  the strongest pro-Israel in the race since she was educated on Israel at an early age, and, therefore, firmly believes Israel deserves a country on their own.

Ceceilia Rocks NYC Mayoral Race with Bathrobe Lookalike and Pink Laced Sneakers

I was asked maybe trillion times to interview her, but i have not yet managed to find the spare minute in my schedule, in this epic, rather exicitng for politicos, mayoral race.

So, Azi Paybarah "was curious about this person who managed, at least, to create a feedback loop about herself among those "serious" people."

"And, as a reporter who complains regularly about lack of direct access to candidates, I kind of hoped that, with her very direct self-introduction and willingness to field and answer questions with no filter or preconditions, she was maybe even in the process of proving a little something about how an aspiring citizen-candidate with ideas but no money could go about building a public profile," Azi writes about his preparations ahead of the scheduled interview. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet NYC 'Social Media' Mayoral Candidate - Ceceilia Berkowitz

No, shes not 22, nor Orthodox or a senator wannabe barbie, but she's friends with Mayor Bloomberg and yes she's a Democrat. Meet the latest mayoral candidate, who launched her campaign by a trizzillion tweets to media outlets and reporters requesting interviews and immediate attention, 'Social Media Journalist' Ceceilia Berkowitz.

Ceceilia, 34 ,resident of Manhattan, originally from North Jersey, is a self described Social media journalist ( "since May2011 when I saw Dr.JillBiden (the Second lady) speak at a Commencement") who is launching her campaign for NYC Mayor on January 31st, "with a good strategy to plan to win the election, and simultaneously improve the politics and functioning of New York."

On her website, she claims she's in the process of "assembling together a diverse and inclusive team of New Yorkers and other interested people." some of them as she unvield on Twitter include: Alex Castillo, Michael O'Brien and Josh Omisore. Ceceilia has also appointed a Jewish Liasion to court the Jewish vote: Baruch Hertzfeld "my Facebook connection to the Orthodox in Brooklyn."