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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Politicker Profiles Candidates in Wide open Mayoral Race

As they always do, Hunter Walker and Colin Campbell from The Observer had a little fun putting together the never-ending list of candidates vying to succeed Mayor Bloomberg. Who is the front-runner, who are the favorites, who are the inclusive underdogs, and what about the assortment of protest candidates and oddballs who bring more color to the race? Will the packed primary pull out a winner, or a runoff?  
To G-d the answers. 

Nonetheless, Walker and Campbell left the steamy office in Manhattan to tour the forest, and came back with lots of nuts to crack. 

In summary here are the odds, the candidates strengths and weaknesses, and their path to victory:

Democratic Primary
Chrsitine Quinn: 
Odds: 7:3

Strengths: Political muscle. Would be first woman and first openly gay mayor. Ties to Mr. Bloomberg. Maxed out coffers with $6 M. raised.
Weaknesses: Short temper. Ties to Mr. Bloomberg.
Path to Victory: Shore up progressive flank. Get Mr. Bloomberg's endorsement (and hopefully financial support or independent expenditure backing)--after the primary.
Bill Thompson: 
Odds: 3:1

Strengths: African-American base. Surprised some by raising more than $1 million recently. 
Weaknesses: Off to a slow start. Still has to catch up to rivals' campaign chests. Less exciting than C-Span.
Path to Victory: Down some Red Bulls and get his campaign's mojo rising.
Bill deBlasio
Odds: 6:1

Strengths: Lincoln-esque height, union support, redefines family diversity. Raised $725,000 since July.
Weaknesses: It's hard to run as a progressive firebrand without scaring off some suits.
Path to Victory: Try to convince Democrats that Ms. Quinn is a closet Republican.
John Liu
Odds: 19:1

Strengths: Hard-core supporters.
Weaknesses: Legal bills eating up campaign resources.
Path to Victory: U.S. attorneys are reprimanded for unjustly prosecuting him.
Sal Albanese
Odds: 200:1

Strengths: Supported gay rights when it was unpopular in this town. Still around.
Weaknesses: Last held office in 1997 and has lost mayoral races twice already.
Path to Victory: Raise millions more than anyone expects him to.

Mark Gallogly

Odds: 250:1

Strengths: Lots of money, probably. White House connections.
Weaknesses: He's a Democratic Mitt Romney. Romney lost.
Path to Victory: Flood the race with his money; hope people notice him. 

Erick Salgado

Odds: 99,999:1

Strengths: The only socially conservative Democrat in the race. [And Hispanic]
Weaknesses: There aren't too many socially conservative Democratic voters.
Path to Victory: Hope all of his primary rivals tie at exactly 16 percent each, leaving him with an opening to sneak through.
Republican Primary

Joe Lhota
Odds: 10:1

Strengths: Saved subway system after Sandy. Spouse is a well-regarded GOP fund-raiser. Twitter prowess. [lil' risky though..]
Weaknesses: Raised bridge and subway fares right before leaving MTA
Path to Victory: Using social media skills, propels himself to victory over a battered and bruised Democratic nominee
Adolfo Carrion
Odds: 35:1
Strengths: Sizable war chest. Could appeal to Latino voters.

Weaknesses:Former liberal Democrat. Once fined $10,000 for conflict of interest violation.
Path to Victory: Find a third GOP county leader to let him run in their primary.
George McDonald
Odds: 41:1

Strengths: Homeless supporter ( Doe Fund)= nice guy
Weaknesses: Unclear support among people with homes
Path to Victory: Register the homeless as Republicans--and QUICK!
Jon Catstimatidis
Odds: 55:1

Strengths: Absurdly rich. Has earned allies by financing GOP party operations. Strong connections to powerful Dems including the Clintons.
Weaknesses: Recently compared taxing the rich to the Holocaust.
Path to Victory: The city suddenly yearns for another billionaire mayor.
Tom Allon
Odds: 330:1 

Strengths: Nice guy. Entered the race early. Has his own political news outlet.
Weaknesses: No party support. Former liberal Democrat.
Path to Victory: Scandals befall all of the other Republican candidates.
Rev. A. R. Bernard
Odds: 590:1

Strengths: The most captive Sunday-morning audience.
Weaknesses: Lives on Long Island.
Path to Victory: Republican voters decide the most religious candidate should be the one to lead them to the Promised Land.
And there are more... but ya know..

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