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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mayoral Hopefuls Talk NYC Issues at Al Sharpton Forum

Rev. Al Sharpton hosted Tuesday night a panel of five Democratic mayoral hopefuls, a discussion about race, stop-and-frisk, social justice, gun control and Ray Kelly.

"The most charged moments were when Mr. Sharpton asked the candidates whether they would keep Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly," the NY Times reports. 

Quinn said, “I have no jobs to offer to him or anyone else.” But when she said that the city “would be lucky” if he stayed, the crowd booed, prompting her to say, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” She then added: “If I’m mayor, the police commissioner will work for me and that includes a mandate to end unconstitutional stop, question and frisk.” 

Mr. Thompson received the biggest applause when he said flatly: “I’m going to bring my own team. I’m not keeping other people’s people.” 

“We’re living a tale of two cities right now in New York,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who discussed his plans to tax the rich.

City Controller John Liu elicited cheers, too, when he called for abolishing stop-and-frisk.
“There’s no room in New York City for racial profiling,” he said.

Mr. Sharpton ended the talk by asking the candidates to list the issue with which they most disagreed with the mayor. 

Mr. de Blasio cited Mr. Bloomberg’s decision to overturn term limits, in a dig at Ms. Quinn, who corralled the City Council votes to pass the law. Mr. Liu said the administration’s lack of diversity at the top levels did not reflect New York, and offered his current rainbow cabinet as a contrast. Mr. Thompson mentioned education. Ms. Quinn, referring to legislation enacted by the City Council, mentioned economic inequality and homeless policy.

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