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Monday, February 18, 2013

Bill de Blasio 'A Little Sick' of Bloomberg’s ‘Royal’ Reign

“Ah!” Mr. de Blasio exclaimed when asked about Mr. Bloomberg’s ominous warnings concerning what will happen without his leadership in City Hall, yesterday, on Up Close with Diana Williams, “You know, he sounded a little royal when he was talking about [how] after him everything’s going to fall apart. I’m a little sick of this way of thinking about the world.”  

The city’s public advocate also blasted Mr. Bloomberg’s address for painting what Mr. de Blasio described as an overly rosy picture of the city’s economic and educational climate. “That speech acted like everything is fine in New York City,” Mr. de Blasio argued. “Didn’t acknowledge what a lot of middle-class and working-class people are going through in terms of struggling economically. Didn’t acknowledge that our schools are failing a lot of our kids. And I think people want a new direction.” (h/t Colin Campbell - Politicker).

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