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Monday, February 18, 2013

'Angry' Sal Albanese Wants To Redistribute Toll Prices Between V-Z and BK-MH Bridges

Here is what happens when a Mayoral hopeful is severely angry about toll hikes on Staten Island's V-Z bridge since he he is the one forced to pay it out from his own pocket on a daily basis. Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese, in an attempt to appeal to Staten Island potential voters, tells SIlive he personally understands Staten Islanders' anger over the recent toll hike on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. 

Albanese, who lives in Bay Ridge, said he has to empty his wallet of over $10.66 to cross the bridge for every visit to his newly wed daughter who lives in West Brighton.. "It's taking a chunk out," he said. "We come here a lot." 

Mr.  Albanese slammed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (oh Right. A former MTA chief is running for Mayor on the other side of the aisle) for hiking the cash toll on the bridge to $15. "It's like getting mugged without a gun," Albanese told the Advance, on a recent visit day. "Nobody should pay $15 for a toll. That's insane. There's going to be a revolution if something's not done." 

But wait, city commuters. Don't rush to applaud him. Since Albanese's option looks to be 'redistribution', with an eye toward toll equity, Albanese said that tolls on the free East River bridges "would be an option." 

In other words, why should I be the only one paying, let 'em all share the burden. 

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