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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Catsimatidis Directs Job Creation at Dropouts: Simplify Education System

It is not only the government's fiscal policies that have failed in creating jobs and reducing the unemployment, or even the under-employment rate, among college graduates, it's the education system, argues mayoral candidates John Castsdimatidis. 

 Speaking to reporters inside the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesman in Manhattan, Catsimatidis announced an education initiative to prevent students from dropping out of school and help the economy at the same time, Azi Paybarah reports.

"We're losing our kids because the only thing we're teaching them is academics," said Catsimatidis, a drop out himself before going into the supermarket business. "It's wrong when we make kids feel that if they're taking calculus and they can't do calculus and they feel terrible that they can't do calculus, that they just drop out and go away." 

The drop out that subsequently leads in finding a low earning job results in a entire lifetime failure, he argued. "What happens when you get a job for $8 an hour?" asked Catsimatidis. "You end up being a failure in life."

Catsimatidis said he'd put together a panel of education experts and professionals from the trades to hammer out the details about how to offer skills training to students in danger of dropping out of school.

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