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Monday, February 18, 2013

Follow Up: What You Didn't Know about Ceceilia Berkowitz

Interview with Ceceilia Berkowitz - who is soon going to register as a NYC Resident, very soon as a Democrat and getting closer hiring campaign managers and fundraisers.

In the mean time, she is making gathering some Oppo research on her potential candidates, and planning to reach out to President Obama and mitt Romney for fundraising appeals. She's not yet planning a visit to Israel. In fact, she is  the strongest pro-Israel in the race since she was educated on Israel at an early age, and, therefore, firmly believes Israel deserves a country on their own.

Ceceilia voted for Mitt Romney in the Presidential elections, but she has already explained her vote to mayor Bloomberg, who as ya all know endorsed Barack Obama.

Ceceilia assumes the other Democratic candidates are looking out for her and flirting about placing barriers on her candidacy. But don't worry, she has no intention of biting into any of the candidates traditional bases, but rather recruit supporters online, with the help of many friends and former students.

Asked if she has any skeletons hidden in the closet that might come up during the campaign, Ceceilia responded she has nothing to hide, nor has she ever broken the law. She has never used drugs or smoked pot. She rarely drinks.

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