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Friday, February 15, 2013

Has Quinn Evolved on Congestion Pricing?

Christine Quinn may of evolved on the issue of congestion pricing ahead of her mayoral bid, Capital New York reports. “I don’t anticipate congestion pricing coming back around,” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn told an audience at New York Law School today, according to Dana Rubinstein. “It didn't do well and I don’t expect that proposal to come back around in that way.”

 Hence as pointed out, Quinn once supported it vigorously. "I stand here today strongly in support of congestion pricing," said Quinn in 2007. "It is a tough choice and it is a bold idea." Quinn said she was persuaded of its merits. A failure to restrict such restrictions would lead to people being “literally choked by the level of traffic in this city," According to an excerpt in the NY Times. This isn't a political decision,” she said.

Following her speech,Azi Paybarah asked Quinn if she would like to see congestion pricing return. "I think that is just not going to happen," she said.

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