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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Independence Party Teaser Ad: Carrion As 3rd Party Candidate May Spoil Ya'll

The pretty bizarre mayoral election season may become even more exciting with a possible third party Independence Party challenger. Former Bronx Borough President Alfoldo Carrion Jr., who's awaiting the decision of the Republican county chairmen, is touted as a likely Independence Party candidate, following full-page ad spotted in free metro daily Wednesday, the Daily News reports. 

The newspaper ad by the Independence party touted its role in electing Mayor Bloomberg and declaring that it was “now working with” Carrion “to become an independent candidate for mayor.” Sources inside the party and the Carrion campaign said the party will make the endorsement official within two weeks.

The Independence Party’s ad — in the free newspaper amNY — was intentionally meant to announce the party’s annual conference, which will be held this Saturday, with Carrion as the only mayoral candidate expected to speak. The ad featured a smiling photo of Carrion and glowing words from the party’s leader, Jaqueline Salt. “When you become an independent — as 40% of the country has — the insiders get worried,” Saltit said in the ad. “When you’re from the communities of color and you became an independent, they become even more worried.” 

"A three-way race in November featuring Carrion and the eventual Republican and Democratic nominees could be a chaotic, wide-open battle — especially if Carrion is successful in attracting Hispanic and independent voters in large numbers," writes Jonathan Lemire in the Daily News.

Lamire adds, that Carrion’s campaign hopes that landing the Independence Party’s support will improve his longshot chances of winning the Republican nomination, too. 

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