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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bill de Blasio Kicks Off Charm Offensive Tour Courting The Jewish Vote

"This community will be crucial," Bill de Blasio started off his remarks at a breakfast with Jewish community leaders and politicos, hosted by Leon Goldberg from Agudath Israel. Mayor "Bloomberg came to you in 2009, but didn't tell you why it was that crucial. I can tell you upfront because it will be a close election," Mr. de Blasio added.

This is the age of close elections," Mr. de Blasio continued. "But I think we have all gotten the memo that every single vote counts."

As he kicked off a charm offensive tour in the Jewish community, spending the entire Sunday touring Jewish neighborhoods ahead of the Passover holiday,  Mr. de Blasio didn't full short of promises. "I am disgusted that, in 2009, Mayor Bloomberg came to this community, begged and pleaded for support knowing that the support of this community will be one of the only ways he could win. Took the support turned around and took away every single voucher for this community. The 'Chutzpah' of that is unbelievable, inappropriate and unfair "Mr. de Blasio said. "I have a simple goal: I wanna restore those vouchers. Because it is the right thing to do." he then pleaded.

"It is not a giveaway, it's an act of fairness," Mr/ de Blasio added

Mr. de Blasio also criticized the Bloomberg administration for treating the non-for-profit organizations in an unfair and inappropriate manner, holding back many reimbursements. "You have seen your financial reality fundamentally undermined," he said.

"I want to relieve that pressure. I want to take away, for example, the sanitation fees, and I want to speed the refreshments " he further promised.

Of course, Israel wasn't put aside in favor of the local issues as a highlighted campaign issue. "I also understand that the mayor of NYC has a special obligation. To be one of the strongest voices in the world in the defense of the State of Israel," Mr. de Blasio noted, recounting his visit to Israel in 2011 where he was tour guided at each of Israel's borders. "You only have to see it once to understand the dangers Israel faces, and to understand that the mayor of NYC has to be one of it's chief defenders. And I intend to be so," he added.

Mr. de Blasio later visited Food distribution centers in Williamsburg, helping to load some cars with food needed for the Passover holiday. 

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