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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Greenfield Lashes Out at Weiner , Lhota and de Blasio; Lhota Responds

Councilman David Greenfield piled on Anthony Weiner tonight, on his weekly Thursday night radio show, suggesting he's only doing the Republicans a favor by joining the Democratic primary and splitting the vote. Public advocate Bill de Blasio also got his share of the blame for not firing his staffer who tweeted racial and anti-semitic comments, letting him to resign out of his own will.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weiner's Jewish Brothers Embrace Ambitions, Divided On Timing

While pundits are divided among themselves whether Weiner's bombshell announcement that he's seeking to jump into the mayoral race hurts frontrunner Christine Quinn or Bill de Blasio, there's definitely one group that is not yet locked on any of the candidates. Weiner entry could shake up allegiances among New York City’s Jews, Josh Nathan-Kazis writes in The Forward.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Salgado In Pitch To Orthodox Jewish Voters: Religious Values Under Sustained Attack By NYC Gov't

Long shot Conservative Democratic mayoral candidate, Erick Salgado, addressed Tuesday night the Rabbinical Alliance of America, a national rabbinic organization based in New York, in an effort to reach out to Orthodox Jewish voters from a standpoint of religion, faith and common values.

"We are living in a time when the values of people of faith are under sustained attack," Mr. Salgado started off. "whenever there is a person who believes, who wants to preserve his culture, his customs and his values, that person seems to be strange. And many of the elected officials don't respect the different communities.. that's the reality " he said.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where Is Thompson... Where Are You?

Since covering the mayoral race, we have gotten numerous calls from former Thompson supporters who have expressed disappointment in Bill Thompson's absence from major Jewish events.

Mr. Thompson's last visit to the Jewish community in Brooklyn, was at a closed event in the Avenue Plaza hotel's conference room, with the attendance of a dozen community leaders and operatives. However, Mr. Thompson was notably absent from the annual COJO of Flatbush legislative Breakfast, as from the JCC of Marine park breakfast a week earlier.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Newcomer and Long Shot Mayoral Candidate Cries Foul Over 'Discriminatory' Disregard

As reported last week, Rev. Erick Salgado, a church pastor and self-described "conservative Democrat," has entered the crowded field seeking the Democratic party's nomination for mayor. In an interview with the Staten Island Advance, Mr. Slagado touted his Latino culture and coalition he believes he has assembled as a unique choice in this mayoral race. 

"We need to concentrate and make sure that all the different communities get the representation they deserve in City Hall," Rev. Salgado told the Advance Friday. "We cannot define New York City as a melting pot anymore -- we have to understand it is a collection of different communities with different cultures."

Friday, March 22, 2013

Catsimatidis: It Takes A Fusion Ticket For A Republican To Win The Mayoral Race

"It's all about winning. It all about making sure one of us wins. You need the money, and you the need the ability to appeal," Business mogul John Catsimatidis modified his message in his closing argument at the 92Y mayoral debate sponsored by the New York Observer.

"A pure Republican can't win, It's impossible" Catsimatidis elaborated following the debate, in a brief conversation with NYC Elects. "When Romney lost in NYC 80-19, a pure Republican can't win." he added.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bill Thompson Assures Wary Jewish Community He can Win And Deliver

In the event of so many campaign announcements and Borough tours, Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson met Sunday evening with a dozen of Jewish community leaders and politicos at the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Borough Park. "You are looking at the next mayor of New York, without any doubt," said Rabbi Freilich.

Mr. Thompson, who remembers that Borough Park handed over victory to Mayor Bloomberg in 2009, faced a tougher crowd than expected, with questions about vouchers, transportation, public safety, taxes and  unions covering the entire Q&A. While Thompson seemed to be on the defensive (after all this is a district that has voted for Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani in the highest numbers) he also deferred concerns of a future Democratic administration after 20 years of Republican/Independent control of City Hall.

Bill de Blasio Kicks Off Charm Offensive Tour Courting The Jewish Vote

"This community will be crucial," Bill de Blasio started off his remarks at a breakfast with Jewish community leaders and politicos, hosted by Leon Goldberg from Agudath Israel. Mayor "Bloomberg came to you in 2009, but didn't tell you why it was that crucial. I can tell you upfront because it will be a close election," Mr. de Blasio added.

This is the age of close elections," Mr. de Blasio continued. "But I think we have all gotten the memo that every single vote counts."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interview: BP Hopeful Eric Adams Discredits Anti-Semitic Accusations

In a blog comment and a follow up email conversation, Gatemouth argued that there is no public statement that show Eric Adams apologize for offending the Jewish community and supporting the nation of Islam.

"In order for me to apologize for something, I would have to have said something anti the Jewish community or antisemitic," Mr. Adams told me in a brief conversation. Gatemouth, Mr. Adams claims took Farrakhan and Khalid's language and made it seem as if he were supportive of what they were saying.

Orthodox Paper Conceals Hikind, Highlights McDonald, Adams Controversies

UPDATED: The Brooklyn Orthodox paper Hamodia, that covered up for Assemblyman Dov Hikind by not reporting a word about the Purim 'Blackface' controversy, highlighted in Thursday's newspaper Mayoral candidate' George McDonald's comments about Jailing more blacks. The news review of the NYC 2013 race also included Beep candidate Eric Adams' past controversial comments about Jews, as revealed by Gatemouth, despite the fact that Adams was never asked to adress the issue in public, and has ever since earned praise and welcomed by events of all local Jewish organizations. Not to mention a number of leaders that participated at his kick off campaign rally. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catsimatidis Touts Jewish Friendship and Religious Freedom Protectionism

“God has been good to us. New York City has been good to us. That’s why I want to give back," Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis told The Jewish Voice in an interview published this week. "I think every successful citizen should give back. Remember what John Kennedy said – ‘Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.’ People don’t believe that anymore. I want to give back [because] in the end I don’t need any money, I don’t need anything. Bloomberg works for a dollar – I’m going to work for 99 cents."

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hispanic Pastor Promises to Repeal Metzitzah B'peh Regulation

While the mayoral candidates, other than Bill de Blasio who's a proud progressive, on the Democratic and Republican side are touting their liberal social views but fiscal conservative policies,There's one guy out there, unnoticed, that is the opposite of all. Erick Salgado, a Hispanic Pastor backed by Reuben Diaz Sr., presents himself as a social conservative and a fiscal liberal. Oh, and he's running in the Democratic primaries for mayor of NYC.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Catsimatidis Planning 'Ahead of Time' Massive Jewish Outreach

Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis, is not wasting time to appeal to the general public, in a bid to boost his name recognition and business credentials as an investment 8 months ahead of the general elections.

I am told that Catsimatidis has hired a Jewish liaison, who's name will be announced in the near future. As part of the planned Jewish outreach, Mr. Catsimatidis has bought ad space in every Jewish publication, Orthodox, Yiddish and English newspapers, wishing Jewish New Yorkers a Happy Purim, which is celebrated on the 14th of Adar next Sunday.

While Joe Lhota, who is believed to be the favorite hopeful in the Republican primary, is investing time among Republican donors and voters,  Mr. Catsimatidis is looking ahead to the general election. Acknowledging his scooffed up campaign chest and the extra time given, the Catsimatidis campaign's belief is, that while the Democratic candidates are busy fighting over the hearts of the labor unions and hardcore Democratic voters, and while the Republican candidates struggle to gain traction, fundraise and appeal to the GOP base who are likely to go out and vote, Mr. Catsimatidis is able to invest and time, energy and money to reach out to certain communities who feel neglected in the primary process.

According to some operatives involved in the campaign, if Mr. Catsimatidis manages to make inroads among Democratic Jewish voters while he's not obligated to do so, the effort will pay off once the primary season gears up, and he emerges as the Republican nominee for mayor. Mr. Catsimatidis hopes that by then he will already be sold as a viable candidate with an appeal to key voting blocs who are willing to give another republican a chance, especially after a bruising Democratic primary. After all, over 80 percent of Orthodox/Hasidic voters in NYC voted for Mitt Romney in the past presidential election.

Mr. Catsimatidis, at a press conference in Queens two weeks ago, told Azi Paybarah from Capital New York (and TwitterWorld) that he is planning to appoint liaisons to every ethnic group in the city who will report to him directly. Looks like Mr. Catsimatidis is not wasting time executing his promises.

It's important to note that in the Orthodox community newspaper ads are the most significant and effective outreach, and after 12 years of Bloomberg, the idea that a Republican candidate, who's not Jewish, is granting such a substantial amount of attention to the growing community, will have a great impact, a Democratic observer told me.

Attached is the 'Happy Purim' ad by John Catsimatidis that will feature in every publication over the weekend, from Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Yinglish.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Forward Selects Viability of Candidates to Claim No Jew is Running for Mayor

NY and LA will both pick mayors this year, but while LA is likely to pick a Jewish mayor, NYC who has lost a great Jewish Mayor (Ed Koch) and has had a Jewish mayor over the past 12 years, will likely remain without a Jewish mayor, Josh Nathan-Kazis writes in the Jewish Forward

Nearly every mayoral race in recent memory has included a Jewish candidate. Yet in 2013, not a single one of the handful of front-runners vying to replace Bloomberg is Jewish. 

“That there is no Jewish candidate in this particular race is more a consequence of personal behavior on the part of the potential Jewish candidate than anything else,” quipped Flora Davidson, a professor of political science and urban studies at Barnard College, referring to Weiner, who resigned by disgrace..

Oh, remembers Nathan-Kazis, "there actually is one Jew in the New York City mayoral race. Tom Allon, a newspaper publisher, is running for mayor as a Republican, though his lack of name recognition makes him a long shot." 

Joe Lhota, who is actually the favorite on the Republican side is also Jewish by law, as earlier reported.

What the forward is doing , is basically selecting the viability of the candidates to justify their claim (after all you need something to write a story) that No Jew is running this year for mayor. Its up to the voters, Mr. Josh Nathan-Kazis.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Video: Erick Salgado Touts Pro-Israel Creds and Conservative Values in Russian Radio Interview

Democratic mayoral candidate, Rev. Erick Salgado, who is hoping to assemble a coalition of minority groups and multiracial communities together in support of his candidacy for Mayor, uploaded  a recording of an interview he conducted Feb. 7th with 'Russian media Mogul'  -as describes in a NY Times profile - Gregory Davidzon.

The interview, that was conducted in English and translated in Russian back and forth was about the issues concerning Russian voters, which like other issue concerning voters is: Israel. Given the fact that NYC serves as the home for a majority of Jews outside the Jewish Homeland. "As a Latin evangelical, we have been pro-Israel a hundred percent," he said. Adding that his church is very heavily supportive of Israel.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some Snippets of the Mayoral Election NY1/Marist POll

Christine Quinn's support among Liberal Democrats is the highest with 43%, with de Blasio in second place with only 13%. 

Quinn's lead is bigger among Conservative Democrats with 38%, compared to only 33% among moderates. John Liu is in 2nd place with 16% of Conservative Democrats. Hence, 47% are still uncertain and might change their vote before election day. 

Bill Thompson has the support of less than a quarter of his strongest base:  African American voters, trailing Quinn's 29% of support. Only 32% have indicated they might change their preference before election day.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Israeli Orthodox Magazine 'Bakhila' Profiles Bill Thompson with Header- "A Shabbos Goy"

Bakhila cover of Thompson profile
"I tell people, look at the current Mayor, that is a Jew, and look at the other hand at Bill - One is Jewish, and one is Black. But in reality, the Jew is not so Jewish, and the black guy is not so black," said one of the Jewish activists, who's supporting Bill Thompson's bid for Mayor of NYC, to the Israeli Orthodox magazine 'Bakhila' in Hebrew.

In an extensive profile of former city comptroller and mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, Bakhila magazine describes Thompson's ties to the Jewish community in Brooklyn and his support for Israel, with the header: 'A Shabbos Goy' (a non-Jew who performs certain types of work for a Jew on the Sabbath).

Friday, February 8, 2013

de Blasio Says He's a 'All People' Progressive Candidate

"You are the most leftist candidate... sorry .. most progressive candidate in this race," radio host, Michael Fragin, described Mayoral candidate Bill de blasio, in a debut 'Meet The Mayoral Candidates' interview on the Spin Class / Jewish Political radio station.

After 2 decades of Republican control, 24 years after the last Democratic mayoral candidate was elected as mayor, De Blasio expressed confidence that a Democrat will become mayor of NYC come January 2014. "2013 is going to be a Democratic year," he said twice.