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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catsimatidis: GOP Council Caucus Endorsement Not In The Best Interest of GOP

While John Catsimatidis formally counted on the support of the Bronx county committee, Catsimatidis says he fully understands Savino had no choice but to publicly back Lhoa. 

By not supporting Lhota, the Bronx boss would put himself at direct odds with the City Council's Republican caucus, which hasn't yet agreed to return Savino ally J.C. Polanco to the Board of Elections.“I believe that Jay wanted to support me, and he was pressured by people who control the Board of Elections to swing their way -- or else his people would lose their jobs. Over 30 jobs are involved. And I told Jay I understand," Catismatidis told Celeste Katz. 

Catsimatidis also expressed regrets at the GOP council caucus, led by Staten Island's James Oddo, for endorsing Lhota. Oddo, who's running for Staten Island borough president, has stopped short of endorsing Lhota in the general election due to the fact that Oddo has a healthy relationship with City Council Speaker and mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn -- a bond that could become even more valuable if both win in November, Katz writes. 

"It would be easier for Quinn to beat Lhota than to beat me," Catsimatidis opined, "so I’m not sure he’s acting in the best interests of the Republican Party." 

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