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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brooklyn DA 2013 Race heating UP - Abe George Reaching Out For Jewish Vote

Abe George, who is challenging the 24-year incumbent Charles Hynes for the Brooklyn DA office, has bought some ad space in this week's Orthodox Jewish Newspapers ahead of the Passover holiday, NYC Elects has learned. Mr. George has recently undertaken the task of directly reaching out to the Orthodox community for support, amid great outrage within the community against Hynes schooling the Jewish community for numerous rotten apples. 

The ad,  in Yiddish, will be in most of the local Ultra-Orthodox Yiddish written weekend newspapers - such as Der Blatt, Der Yid, HaMachne HaCharedi and Luach HaTzibur. The ad below reads: "To my good friends in the Jewish community: A Kosher and Happy Passover wishes Abe George." 

Mr. George has been meeting with Jewish operatives this week in a series of meetings to ramp up support in the Jewish community by assembling a grassroot Bottom-Up team of supporters, I am told.

The Brooklyn DA race is likely to be heavily influenced by the endorsements of Orthodox leaders and newspapers, The Jewish Week writes.

“The fact is that [Orthodox Jews] make up 10 to 15 percent of the electorate,” said Leon Goldenberg.

“Hynes will probably lose a lot of the chasidishe vote because of Weberman, whether that is justified or not,” he said, referring to the high-profile case of Nechemya Weberman, the unlicensed therapist convicted of sexual abuse late last year. “The fact that he got 103 years suggests to them that a chasidic Jew can’t get a fair trial in New York, though I personally believe he is guilty.”

Here is a interview I did with Mr. George last Year July for the Jewish Voice. 

“To state that the Orthodox community is worse than the Mafia, is just ridiculous,” Mr. George told me. “If the community is so dangerous, according to Mr. Hynes, then the revised policy of Mr. Hynes, which allows for disclosure on consent of the victim, is inconsistent because then the pedophile knows that it was the victim who agreed to disclose their name, pressure will be even stronger to stop the victim.  A policy of full disclosure of the pedophile’s name in all cases allows for the light of day to be shined onto the pedophile to protect the victim from harassment by the pedophile.”

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