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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interview: BP Hopeful Eric Adams Discredits Anti-Semitic Accusations

In a blog comment and a follow up email conversation, Gatemouth argued that there is no public statement that show Eric Adams apologize for offending the Jewish community and supporting the nation of Islam.

"In order for me to apologize for something, I would have to have said something anti the Jewish community or antisemitic," Mr. Adams told me in a brief conversation. Gatemouth, Mr. Adams claims took Farrakhan and Khalid's language and made it seem as if he were supportive of what they were saying.

Mr. Adams pointed to his quote in the blog post, saying "I believe no matter what was said, it's time for us to realize the importance of what Farrakhan is trying to do around the issue of crime in this city."

"I have always made that clear I don't support their language, their hate talk and their anti-Jewish talk," said Mr. Adams. "Look at the interviews I did around that time. I said I don't support that conversation. I said I support their crime fight initiative," he added.

"I was never supportive of the Nation of Islam. I was never a member of the Nation of Islam. Whenever I was asked, I said I don't support their hate. And I have always been supportive of Israel, and the Jewish community."

"Nowhere in this piece do you see me saying anything antisemitic. Saying I hate this group or any group. I have always been a person that brings people together," he further asserted. 

Mr. Adams touted his long history of standing up against hate, and his warm relationship with the Jewish community, as evidence that his friendship with the Jewish community should not be questionable. "I don't have a history of being anti any group. That's why nobody came to say, 'Listen we think you're antisemitic' because they knew I was their partner," Mr. Adams concluded.


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  1. Why are people still susceptible to the "do you still beat your wife" accusation?

    This is the statement that should have led this piece: "There is no public statement that shows Eric Adams offending the Jewish community and supporting the nation of Islam."