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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bronx Dem: Smith Scandal 'A Bloomberg Plot' To Block Minorities

A leading Bronx Democrat told Human Events that the scandal involving state Sen. Malcolm A. Smith (D.-Bronx) is non other than a distraction by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “This may be a case of entrapment by a political power base that does not want a popular African American leader to run for mayor, especially on the Republican Party line,” said Efrain Gonzalez III, a community activist from the Bronx. 

Gonzalez, the son of a former New York state senator currently serving a seven-year prison term on corruption charges, bases his claim on his assumption, that since the Democrats control the Justice Department, the Democrats control the New York City U.S. Attorney’s office. "Thus, the U.S. Attorney will do whatever the Democrats need done to advance their goal of blocking a black man from the Republican line on the ballot," according to Raqhel Okyay.

“That includes Mayor Michael Bloomberg,” mr. Gonzalez said. 

“The Democrats and Bloomberg cannot control Smith,” he said. “They want to push minorities out, and keep politicians who are in favor of super high taxation and restrictions on civil liberties – in,” he said. 

Gonzalez said the central piece of the puzzle is that Bloomberg intends to return to helm the city after this current stint, and until he retakes the wheel, the placeholder mayor will be beholden to him. “Bloomberg would like nothing more than to keep his position as mayor of the financial district of the world,” he said. “He will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal.” Gonzalez said, “Bloomberg is the briber-in-chief in New York City politics and Smith did not want to take Bloomberg’s bribes.”

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