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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lhota Fundraises Off NYC Scandals To Get Rid Of The "Tsunami of Sleaze"

 In an email to supporters, Republican mayoral candidate touted his ethics reform plan, in an effort to court voters who are sick of the ongoing corruption scandals. Mr. Lhota, in a fundraising plea, vowed to get rid of the "Tsunami of Sleaze" that plagues our city.

Dear Supporter,  
Last week our campaign released a groundbreaking ethics reform plan that will eliminate the corruption and sleaze that plagues our city.
The response from voters like you has been tremendous, and I’m thankful for your support. However, the career politicians were not pleased.  
Though our city has seen multiple ethics scandals over the past two weeks, within hours, they started disparaging our campaign. They’re scared because they know that when we win this election, their ability to use the public’s money for their own profit will come to an end. 
Please help me combat these slimy politicians and their special-interest allies with a $100, $25 or $10 contribution to our campaign. With your help we can rid ourselves of the political scum that saturates our government.  
It’s wrong that corrupt politicians can keep their taxpayer-funded pensions. I’ll take them away.  
It’s wrong that the Speaker of the City Council dictates which neighborhoods get funding and which don’t. I will ensure neighborhood funding is based on equity and objectivity, not based on political loyalty to the Speaker.  
It’s wrong that politicians can use their money to buy the support of the political parties. I will stop politicians from buying support from the party bosses.  
Please consider a contribution to our campaign today, so we can fight the dirty, dishonest politicians who make a mockery of our government.  
Together, we will sweep away the sleaze and scum that infects our city – whether they are Republican or Democrat. New York is the greatest city in the world, and we deserve politicians who reflect that greatness. 
As Mayor, I will do just that.  
Please join us today.
All the best,
Joseph J. Lhota
Candidate for Mayor

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