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Friday, April 12, 2013

Quinn Looking Good In The Eyes Of The Fashion World

Democratic mayoral frontrunner Christine Quinn called the Fashion industry "an incredibly important economic engine in New York City." 

"It's an industry that has the potential to create and sustain lots of jobs that intersect with folks who have lots of different education experiences," she told Hillary Reinsberg for BuzzFeed . "I'm for any and all industries that put people to work, and if they make you look good while they're doing it, all the better." 

The fashion community seems eager to embrace her back, Reisnberg writes.
"When Quinn took the podium to make remarks at the lunch, the group of designers and fashion executives pressed her on issues related to their industry, such as supporting the Garment District and attracting wealthy tourists from countries like China and Brazil, who are likely to spend on luxury products.  
But they were mostly interested in helping to get her elected. Gunn, of Project Runway fame, asked point blank: "What can we do to ensure you're the next mayor of this great city?" Gunn had no style tips for Quinn. "I live on the Upper West Side and I have neighbors who say, 'Don't you think she's a little too glamorous?' But I love this about her!" he said. "I love her style and I love her look and I don't want her to change it." Coles added that Quinn's hair looked great, calling it "one hell of a blowout." 

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