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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lhota: 'Tsunami Of Sleaze' Wave Of Corruption Must End

GOP mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota started off the week with the attack on the Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn for her oversight of member items in the city Council, and his opponent in the Republican party for contributing to the GOP counties. “I actually think Christine has handled member items in a way that’s quite inequitable,” Lhota said on the steps of City Hall this morning. “You shouldn't be using taxpayer money and ... doling it out in favors to friends.” he said. 

Lhota also proposed drastically reducing the amount of money – to $4,950 – that citywide candidates can give to political party committees, according to the Post. His GOP primary opponent, John Catsimatidis, has given $23,000 to the Queens Republican Party, which endorsed him in the race this year. 

“I don’t think there’s anything illegal at all” about the donations, Lhota said. “I actually think it’s the appearance of impropriety. There have been enough people saying, you know, so and so bought their endorsement, so and so bought their race.”

Lhota also wants term limits for state and county chairs in light of the charges, and he says those leaders should be barred from simultaneously holding elected office.He proposed that lawmakers with felony convictions for corruption be stripped of their pensions."This wave of corruption, what I call this tsunami of sleaze, has to come to an end," he said.

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