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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet The 'No-Christine' Kelman Sisters Who Are Determined To Stop Quinn

Meet the "No-Christine-Quinn" sisters. Wendy Kelman Neu and Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee, both businesses owners who vow to do whatever it takes to stop Council Speaker Christine Quinn's candidacy for mayor achieve its goal. 

Wendy Kelman Neu and Jacqueline Kelman Bisbee
According to Andrew Hawkins in The Insider, the Kelman sisters have so far poured $200,000 into the $1 million "NYC Not 4 Sale" campaign, which had gotten the necessary traction needed to hold on, by airing a television commercials that created some uproar. Ms. Quinn reacted to the first ad, n a fundraising blast to her supporters, where she called it "a disgrace" and blamed "special interests...closely aligned with my opponents." 

"I've never been involved in a mayoral race before," Ms. Neu told The Insider, addressing the reluctance of business people to speak out about elected officials. "People are very concerned. Whether it's Christine Quinn or whoever, I think there's a culture of fear to some extent. But I think as time goes on, more people will come on."

"Of course we want anyone but Quinn," Ms. Neu said. "But I'm hoping in the meantime that we've elevated the discussion."

Ms. Neu's urged others in the business community to set aside any fears and get involved. "If you're going to complain," Ms. Neu said, "then do something about it."  

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  1. So the Kelman sisters would happily take Weiner. If your a democrat you reject the frontrunner Quinn you end up with Weiner. An interesting situation as Joe Lhota will beat Weiner in the general election, not because republicans are stronger but because Lhota is tied to the libertarians who are sufficient in size to contribute more than the 2 points needed to sway the outcome of the election.