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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weiner's Successor, Bob Turner Says Weiner As An Opponent is Tough But Not Principled

“He’s smart, he’s feisty, he’s tough, (but) he’s not terribly constrained with principle,”  former Rep. Bob Turner (R-Queens), who ran against Weiner in a 2010 congressional race, told Celeste Katz for The Daily News

During debates, Weiner would play fast and loose with the truth, Turner said. “He often would make up a fact, or state something as fact,” Turner said. “By the time we got through checking it on the Internet and find out it’s bogus ... he’s gone.”

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  1. Who needs principles as long as your feisty and tough? After a rather miserable year in the tri-county area, New Yorkers are more than ready for a return to libertarian principles where you are not dictated how much you can drink or smoke. I predict you will see many a democrat vote libertarian in the mayoral election. When they can discern the difference the people of New York want principled leaders who will foster honest and productive business and bolster the economy not by government handouts but by removing obstacles to commerce and prosperity.