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Monday, April 8, 2013

Quinn Raises Money On Independent Attack Ads

The new Normar in todays politics. Instead of dismissing an attack ad as being lousy and inaccurate, Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s raised the level of the ad by asking her supporters to boost her campaign war chest in order to fight back against these sorts of attacks. 

In an email to her supporters this morning, Ms. Quinn accused her opponents of undermining the public campaign finance system by letting an independent group do the dirty work. “This attack ad, funded by those closely aligned with my opponents, is an all-out effort to undermine New York City’s public campaign finance system, the most progressive system in the country and one I have worked hard to strengthen. What a disgrace,” she wrote. “But I’m not backing down, I’m standing up. And I need you to stand with me.” 

Ms. Quinn, who already reached the maximum contribution limit for this year’s Democratic primary,requested minimal donations that would be used immediately before the August matching funds checks arrive. 

“We will put your contribution to work right away,” she wrote. “Your donation will allow us to open up campaign offices, put clipboards in the hands of our volunteers, and print handouts that give New Yorkers the facts about my record of fighting for the middle class and those striving to get there.”

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