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Monday, April 8, 2013

War of Videos Loom Over Member Items

In the wake of the latest scandal arrests, including four City Council Members being criminally charged with abusing Member Item allocation, Public Advocate released this following video calling out Speaker Quinn for defending member items.

"The facts speak for herself, it happened on her watch," Mr. de Blasio is seen speaking at City Hall. The system is clearly broken, and it's time for real reform. "With your help, we'll send Bill to City Hall, where he'll continue to fight for transparency and real reform -- and you'll be able to say you helped make it happen," the post on Mr. de Blasio's website reads. "Stand with Bill de Blasio and tell Speaker Quinn it's time to end the corrupting influence of Member Items once and for all. Add your name now to the growing list of New Yorkers who are demanding reform." 

In which the Christine Quinn campaign shot back immediately, by releasing a video of Bill de Blasio defending member items "in our current process" in 2005: 

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