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Monday, April 15, 2013

VIDEO: Anthony Weiner Opens Up and "Talks Dugri" on NY1

Anthony Weiner is running for mayor. The "I am thinking about it" as an answer to Errol Louis in an exclusive interview on Inside City Hall, was definite and straightforward. Asked why he should be trusted after lying about his actions, Weiner acknowledged it's a fair game, but stressed:

"I would suggest that, no one, but me, should be judged by a particular chapter or particular actions in their lives. I think that I would want to be judged by the entire span of my career and my entire span that I have known people. But I don't begrudge people saying that. To some degree, I did these things. I planted those seeds of questions by being dishonest with so many people. It is not an excuse, but i have tried to explain that the primary victim here was my wife.. She was the person i dishonored, she was the person I deceived  and I didn't want her to find out. So I went on TV and i was dishonest with the world at large, I should of not done that..."

"I guess what I would say to them is: Look at the fuller picture of Anthony Weiner, and make your decision based on that. And i know there may be some people who say You know what, I can never trust him again. Even for those people I would like to have a conversation, that asks quite frankly: 'Can I have a second chance?'.

Mr. Weiner was also asked about the polls he has been conducting lately. "Well, folks said we like him but we have some questions, they want to hear more specifics." 

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