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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brooklyn's Russian Kingmaker and Conservative Orthodox Activist Behind Hispanic Pastor for Mayor

Last month a presentation by the unofficial Hispanic Rev. from Brooklyn's mayoral campaign took place for local supporters in the Widdi Catering hall in Brooklyn.
Rev. Erick Salgado, a conservative Democrat, has registered as a Democratic candidate for Mayor of NYC on Dec. 31, 2012, looking to become the first Hispanic Mayor of NYC. While he hasn't officially declared his candidacy yet, Salgado has apparently managed to wrap up support by some in the Russian and the Orthodox Jewish Communities.

His path to victory, Colin Campbell and Hunter Walker wrote earlier this month, lays in hope that all of his primary rivals tie at exactly 16 percent each, leaving him with an opening to sneak through with the coalition he has built. 

At the event, Russian Kingmaker and radio personal, Gregory Davidzon expressed his support, in bringing the Latino, African American, Orthodox and Jewish communities together to back Salgado for Mayor.

Local activist and former Assembly candidate, Joseph Hayon, who's an Orthodox Jew born to Egyptian and Colombian decent parents, also announced his support for Rev. Salgado. Touting Salgado's family values, Hayon vowed to help Salgado get elected as mayor, so he will not forget anyone who voted for him. "This is not only Mr. Salgado, this is Rev. Salgado. This is a man of God. When he goes to City Hall, God goes with him," Hayon told the audience.

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