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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bill de Blasio Introduced at Belz Dinner as the "Next Mayor of NYC."

Following his 5 borough tour last week, and his visit to Borough park a day after announcing his candidacy for mayor of New York City, where he spoke about the holocaust and Iran's nuclear threat, Bill de Blasio continued making inroads among voters in the Jewish community of Brooklyn. In a brief appearance at the Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas Belz' annual dinner, the Public Advocate by the chairman of the event as "the next Mayor of NYC." The estimated crowd of 1500 participants enthusiastically applauded his presence. de Blasio was accompanied by his liaison to the Jewish Community, Pinny Ringel.

One of the Belzer community's activists, Mr. Eliezer Igel, echoed a teaching by a passage of the Torah, where Moses was reminded by his father-in-law as he entered a new role of leadership: 'don't forget your own children'. "Don't forget your own communities," the speaker turned to de Blasio,  "which are all standing behind you."

Remembering Mayor Ed Koch, who passed away on Friday, Mr. Igel expressed his confidence in de Blasio filling that vacuum. "People in this community, will not forget 32 years ago when our community (Belz) was threatened to a certain extent (by the Samar community in Williamsburg). At the time, Ed Koch went way beyond his call of duty, to protect our community. And We did not forget 32 years later," he said.

"So, I want you to know," Mr. Igel continued, "this community is growing, and we do not forget the people that stand behind us and support us. So in the name of this community, we bless you that you should continue being Advocate of NYC, but in the position of Mayor, so that we will all be able to say 'Bill de blasio - The great mayor of NYC'." Mr Igel concluded to enormous applause.

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