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Friday, February 1, 2013

Bill Thompson, Only Mayoral Candidate to Rally Against Brooklyn College’s Anti-Israel Forum

Democratic mayoral candidate, Bill Thompson was the only mayoral candidate who protested alongside Brooklyn’s Jewish leaders Thursday, to stop the Brooklyn College Political Science Department from sponsoring an anti-Israel forum next Thursday. 

 “Those are our taxpayer dollars. We should not be using those dollars to express hate,” Thompson said alongside Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a political heavyweight in the Brooklyn Jewish community. 

“We all stand here in support of free speech. We believe in being able to express your opinion. We believe in students being able to express their opinions. We believe in different points of view,” Mr. Thompson told the press, according to Politicker. “It’s what makes this country so great. You can express your opinion. So let me express an opinion against that. This organization is one that expresses hate, that expresses opposition to Israel. I have the right to stand here, and oppose that organization. … You have the right to express an opinion just like we do. But you do not have have a right, and should not put, the name of Brooklyn College, the name of the political science department, on that forum of hate.” 

“The 1st Amendment right of free speech extends to every single American, including those we may disagree with. However, it doesn’t mean a city college should endorse that speech. I call on Brooklyn College to end its support of this anti-Israel forum. As mayor, I will bring together New Yorkers from all backgrounds for constructive dialogue that fosters tolerance and cooperation among all," he added.

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